MMA has also been a sport that has always sparked my interest as it combines several styles of fighting styles. I was very excited to attend my first MMA fights with the Sparta Combat League on Oct 14th at the Denver Coliseum. I caught up with Jeff Cisneros the CEO of Sparta Combat League and you can see my interview with him below. I also was extremely impressed with one of the amateur fights between Mason Sonnier and Chava Contreras. Soonier won in the 3rd by a TKO in his MMA debut and I caught up with him as well which you can find that interview below as well.

Enjoy the highlight video and get your tickets for the next SCL on Nov 18th at the Denver Coliseum at 


Q:When was Sparta Combat League formed? 
A:March 2012 we now are in 5 states and will have done 30 shows in 2017 with 42 on the schedule for 2018 in 9 states and our first international show in Ireland Nov 2018

Q:How has launching SCL changed the landscape of MMA? 
A:SCL has created more opportunities for fighters to showcase their talents, we have also changed the game by being the only promotion to have MMA, BOXING, KICKBOXING shows on the regional level.

Q:What was the highlight of SCL62? 
A: Showing what SCL is about with our work in the community and changing lives through our large platform.

Q:Did any fights standout to you at SCL62? 
A:Josh Cavan VS LT Nelson what an incredible display of heart by both men!

Q:What’s next?
A:Oct 28th we take SCL to Rapid City South Dakota for the 2ndtime in 2017 featuring UFC Veteran David Michaud, then come back to Denver Coliseum November 18th to make history with a Ring and a Cage featuring MMA, BOXING and KICKBOXING.

Mason Sonnier Q&A

Q: When did you know you wanted to become an MMA fighter?
A: Where I come from (Orangefield, Texas) we grew up fighting. Moving to Colorado I hit a restart button and decided to chase a dream I’ve wanted since I was 20.

Q: What was the training process like?
My coaches Justin and Shane Colburn, day in day out worked with me on my jujitsu and my striking. I went from being an orthodox fighter to being a natural southpaw. We always worked from being worst case scenario so when it came fight time I could remain calm and confident in every situation.

Q: You really took over the fight in the second round. What was the turning point when you knew you were taking home the win!?
We both traded hard blows with each other in the pocket and he threw a kick so I shot for the takedown and got it mount and started to go to work from the top.

Q: What can we expect from you next in MMA?
I’m going to do what I do and that keeps my head down and train hard and fight harder. Expect to see a lot more of this face because I’m going to make sure its damn well known!