Putting a more secure financial future within reach

DES PLAINES, IL, April 27, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — “If you don’t have savings to draw on—and countless American families do not—any unexpected expense or surprise bill can send your budget off the rails and put you in considerable financial stress,” states Nicole Horton, senior director of online services for online lender GoCredit.loans.

“But now these families have a dependable resource that can help them move down the path toward greater financial stability,” she continues. “Our innovative short term installment loan allows Georgia consumers to build the savings that improve their financial situation.”

Many families facing significant financial difficulties

Tens of millions of families lack the stability and security provided by a savings account. The Federal Reserve’s 2023 report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households found that only 68 percent of Americans are equipped to cover a $400 emergency expense.

“Unexpected expenses—car repairs, medical bills or other unpredictable events—are a part of life,” notes Nicole. “But if you don’t have a reserve of savings, expenses like these can put you in a real financial crisis.

“You’d probably have a hard time securing a short-term, small-money loan from a bank or credit union,” she continues. “And many alternative lenders offer the kind of loans that would put you in an even worse financial situation.”

Families in financial stress finally have a solution

“Georgia consumers with limited financial means now have a solution that’s stacked in their favor,” says Nicole. “The short term installment loan offered by GoCredit.loans addresses their immediate need for cash while it helps them build a more secure financial future.

“Unlike many lending options that take unfair advantage of the consumer,” she adds, “our short term installment loan is designed to put our customers in a better financial situation.”

Get Cash + Build Your Credit!SM

With the short term installment loan offered by GoCredit.loans, Georgia customers can get funded for an installment loan up to $5,000, build savings and get the chance to build their credit history.

Here’s how the loan works:

Application—After completing and submitting the brief installment loan application, customers can get approved within minutes

Funding—A portion of the funds can be deposited directly into their bank account the same day, and a portion will be placed into the customer savings component

Building—As a customer makes installment payments, their customer savings component builds, and their payments are automatically reported to one of the leading credit bureaus, which gives them the opportunity to build their credit history

Collect—Once the installment loan is paid off in full, the customer receives full access to the funds in the customer savings component

Making a more secure financial future possible

“Building savings can be difficult when this unexpected expense and that surprise bill get in the way of putting money aside,” states Nicole. “But without savings, you’re not able to start building financial stability.

“Our short term installment loan gives families a way to move toward a brighter financial situation,” she adds, “one in which unexpected expenses won’t put them at a continual disadvantage.”

Giving customers the chance to build a credit history

The GoCredit.loans short term installment loan also gives customers the opportunity to build a credit history as they pay off their loans. The company automatically reports customers’ installment payment history to one of the leading credit bureaus.

“As a customer makes regular payments on their loan,” says Nicole, “they’re building their savings but they’re also building a positive credit history. That’s something that will be valuable when they buy a home or car, rent an apartment or apply for a job. Our customers have told us how important this is for them.”

Round-the-clock convenience backed by responsive customer service

Georgia customers can apply for the GoCredit.loans short term installment loan by visiting the GoCredit.loans website or by contacting a customer service representative at 888-800-8172.

The application process is quick and easy, and same-day funding is available.

“All of us at GoCredit.loans are looking forward to making this loan available to customers in Georgia,” states Nicole, “and helping even more families on their journey toward increased financial stability.”

About GoCredit.loans

GoCredit.loans is headquartered in suburban Chicago. The company gives Georgia customers a quick and easy way to build savings and get funded for an installment loan through a quick and simple online application process.

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