Article/Interview by Scott Edward McDowell.

Denver is without a doubt one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Everywhere you look downtown there are seas of cranes building new commercial and residential properties. With all of this rapid growth in the Mile High City, there still seemed to be a void in new creative concepts in arts and entertainment.

THE WAIT IS OVER!! San Francisco artist/deejay/entrepreneur Paul Hemming is multiplying his work/play Bay area Zen Compound, an innovative multipurpose concept that merges creative communities together. Zen Compound is ECO-SYSTEM, a co-working space for creative professionals, startups, and freelancers; Mirus, a gallery championing new movements in contemporary art; Hive, a unique coffee & cocktail bar and eatery; and Temple Nightclub, an innovative club known for its programming, production feats, and legendary hospitality.

I recently had the opportunity to experience an all-access behind the scenes look into the property thanks to Larina from PRIM Communications. I went to check out the Bingo Players set on Nov 18th and met with Lacy Bursick, artist relations coordinator, who was extremely welcoming and accommodating.

The club was packed on all three levels and everyone was lost in the music having an amazing time! I was able to set up an interview with Paul Hemming, the mad scientist behind this massive Zen Compound. Paul and I spoke in-depth on a range of topics, including how he started a record label during the early days of the digital music takeover and how his record store Zen City Records then became the seed for Temple nightclub, the engine behind Zen Compound. “We want the building to feel like it’s alive and its Artificial Intelligence is reacting to your presence,” says Hemming. “I consider myself an ‘Artpreneur’, where my concept can incubate music, art, and technology into a whole organism.”

I have been fortunate enough to meet and work with several top artists, executives, and creatives from the arts and entertainment industry and its clear Paul is a special type of visionary with an unsurpassed niche for fusing dualities.

After meeting him it is first of all clear that he is not from this planet. Paul radiates this tremendous orb of creativity and positive energy. I even had to ask if Temple is an attempt at building a portal to get back to whatever planet he came from because his vision is out of this world!

The immersive lighting experience with well over 100,000 led lights that are all individually programmable creates endless possibilities for light shows. The sound system utilizes the newest Funktion One technology and is by far one of the most innovative systems in the world.

I can honestly say through my time living in NYC and my work in the music industry I have been lucky to travel the globe and experience some of the top nightclubs. Temple has quickly become one of my favorite venues of all time.

Paul and his team at Zen Compound are ready to take this concept around the world with rapid and aggressive expansion planned. When we sat down, Paul and I also discussed his origin story and deeply rooted love for music! I highly recommend you listen to this audio interview as Paul is by far one of the most intelligent and innovative entrepreneurs I have ever had the opportunity to meet. He also shares some valuable information for anyone looking to follow their dreams!

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