Interview by: Scott Edward McDowell 

Q: Sparta Combat League opened its first training center earlier this year, how is that going to help the growth of SCL and its fighters?
Jeff: The Sparta Performance Training Center is a great help to our fighters at SCL providing them a top quality facility to help improve their performance.

Q: This weekend you have a stacked card for SCL 66, which matches you are looking forward to checking out? 
Jeff: The Main Event featuring Anthony Adams 5-0 a rising star on UFC radar, also the battle of two undefeated Featherweights the champion Cedric Jackson 4-0 vs the Bantamweight champion Devon Butler also 4-0 moving up 10lbs trying to become a two-division champion.

Q: This summer SCL has its first Army vs. Marines scheduled at the Pepsi Center. What excites you most about doing your first fight night at the iconic Pepsi center location? 
Jeff: We are very excited about Pepsi Center, we are going to make combat sports history with the new King of Sparta 155lb Tournament. The winner will have fought a Boxing fight, a Kickboxing fight and finally a MMA fight all in one night! We are also most proud to continue Sparta tradition in honoring our nation’s heroes with a tribute to Vietnam veterans this year.

Q: Later this year the first SCL fight night is scheduled in Ireland. Can you tell us how and why you chose Ireland for the first international SCL card? 
Jeff: We have been planning Ireland for three years, it just has always been someplace I wanted to go and take Sparta, the fighting spirit of the Irish makes it a perfect fit for Spartas product.

Q: SCL is a rapidly growing company with almost a decade in production. What can we expect next from SCL?
Jeff: SCL will become a global brand by the end of 2018, we have even bigger plans for 2019! We are looking to become the top combat sports brand in the world by 2021! Tickets available at