Humixx Car Phone Mount

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 28, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Humixx remains loyal to customers as an industry leader. In order to improve user experience from a practical perspective, the Humixx phone holder 3.0 made a great improvement in material, design and usability.

Traveling in spring can be stable even on steep and bumpy roads
Still worried about the instability of the stand caused by bumps in the road? The Humixx phone car mount clip adopts the latest improved twist-lock triangular stabilization mode so that the air outlet clip will not break and can still remain stable. At the same time, built-in metal, it can be firmly fixed at the air outlet without falling even when braking or driving on a bumpy road. These improvements make the car mount more than three times stronger than previous products and even other products It ensures the sturdiness of the bracket, and it will not break or fall, ensuring the safety of the journey.

Ease of use – no need to disassemble when wearing a thick case
The latest enhanced Humixx car phone holder has passed 1000+ suction tests and achieved military-grade effects. Even a large-sized phone or a phone with a thick case can be easily used without repeatedly removing the case. In addition, in order to improve suction power on the basis of the past, Humixx designers finally decided to adopt a 2-level locking mechanism and a 3-layer nano-gel suction cup after repeated research. What’s more, the latest clip design combines the inspiration of tiger teeth, adopting groove and double lock design, which is a kind of safe and stable butterfly clip. These improvements make the Humixx car mount 3 times stronger than the ordinary one. It can well solve the problem that the car holder cannot support due to insufficient suction or the phone is too heavy.

Obscured vision while navigating?
Considering that different cars have different installation methods? The Humixx car mount supports flexible use in 4 major scenarios, whether it is the dashboard, windshield, air vent and desk, and it is also suitable for all cars, such as cars, pickup trucks, SUVs, taxis, etc.,and can be customized according to different uses scenes can be adjusted arbitrarily. Humixx car mount utilizes an adjustable 270° telescoping arm/360° swivel ball joint to get the best viewing angle, during driving, will can adjust this car phone mount according to the seat to avoid blocking the view, ensuring driving stability and safety.While protecting the phone, it also ensures travel safety.

Protect the environment, travel freely
In addition to being committed to improving user satisfaction from products, Humixx also continues to contribute to the protection of the world’s environment. Humixx car mounts use green materials and follow the principles of environmental friendliness. Customers can contribute a little to protect the world’s environment. Moreover, the Humixx car mount has been tested, and its suction cup can withstand temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to 95°C/(203°F), and it can also be used normally in extreme weather. In the past, the older generation of products was limited by material, which could easily lead to insufficient suction of the car bracket suction cup or easy breakage at the junction of the bracket under high temperature conditions. Now, after continuous research, the Humixx team has chosen PEFT, an aerospace material. Every component has been tested in the laboratory, even in the high temperature of the car in summer, it can be used normally.Customers can experience the tropical rainforest scenery with family and friends, and can travel normally in the extremely cold winter. Although Humixx has made many improvements and innovations in this product, there is no change in price.

About Humixx
We were founded in 2016. It is a young team with unrestrained innovation and imagination and has always focused on humanism. We will be more committed to innovation and simplicity in the future, bringing unexpected products.

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