Burlywood achieves industry sought after breakthrough in endurance with a 3x advantage over leading data center competitors.

LONGMONT, CO, February 22, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Burlywood achieves industry sought after breakthrough in endurance with a 3x advantage over leading data center competitors. FlashOS™ 2.0. enables the use of low cost, cTLC (consumer-grade Triple-level Cell) NAND in mainstream data center applications and greatly expands the use cases for QLC (Quad Level Cell). NAND is the dominating factor in SSD cost, and with FlashOS 2.0, products using Burlywood’s technology can take advantage of NAND that has a 20-35% lower cost than enterprise-grade NAND.

Burlywood’s low write amplification enables the use of lower endurance cTLC where competitors require eTLC (enterprise-grade Triple-level Cell) NAND. “Along with the best performance and latency, our partners also benefit from significantly lower cost SSDs with FlashOS 2.0,” says Mike Jones, CEO of Burlywood. “In random workloads with hot/cold content, we achieved a 3x lower write amp than a top industry competitor, and a DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day) of 1.6 compared to top competitors at 0.5 DWPD using cTLC.” More of our findings include:

DWPD = Drive Writes Per Day (5 Years)
NAND / Burlywood / Top SSD Provider

eTLC / 4.9 / 1.6
cTLC / 1.6 / 0.5
QLC / 0.8 / 0.2

eTLC = enterprise-grade Triple-level Cell | cTLC = consumer-grade Triple-level Cell | QLC = Quad-level Cell

FlashOS has a Self-Adaptive Architecture driven by the analysis of real production workloads, providing visibility for data placement intelligence to optimize performance and efficiency. “Our tenacity and focus on real workloads, not benchmarks, and the development of tools to validate endurance in the system has enabled us to build an enhanced endurance technology,” says Burlywood Founder & CTO Tod Earhart.

Burlywood was founded to design and build technology optimized for how SSDs are and will be used in the data center. SSDs, now mainstream, should no longer be optimized to legacy HDD benchmarks and standards. Collecting and analyzing large amounts of real production workloads for years has enabled the development of FlashOS, a radically different, workload-intelligent™ software design embedded inside the SSD. FlashOS enables true workload-aware™ SSDs, breaking free from the limitations and legacy of HDDs (Hard Disk Drives). Additional FlashOS advantages:

– Industry’s Lowest Write Amplification.
– Highest sustained performance on real production workloads.
– Lowest, most consistent latency over life.
– Highest endurance, enabling the use of lower cost NAND in more demanding applications.
– Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through higher endurance.
– Additional cost savings with ability to use consumer-grade NAND (cTLC and QLC).
– Best performance in write-heavy and hot/cold workload environments.

“Our partners were inspired by the value of FlashOS and can’t wait to take products to market using FlashOS 2.0,” says Jay Bradley, CRO and VP of Customer Success at Burlywood. “You can expect cTLC product availability in Q2 2023.”

Burlywood is transforming what the industry expects from an SSD. In addition to innovative technology, Burlywood offers best-in-class tools to measure production workloads so customers can know their endurance requirements. This gives SSD buyers and manufacturers the confidence to use cTLC and QLC NAND. “Burlywood is committed to enabling large users of data center storage to have more choices in SSD technology and for them to have the application workload data required to make informed decisions,” says Jones.

Get more for less. To see how your storage costs are growing with growing use and how cTLC can drive savings, Burlywood offers an online calculator at www.burlywoodtech.com/storage-cost.

About Burlywood, Inc.
Burlywood is committed to transforming the SSD (Solid-State Drive) industry from a hardware-centric, one-size-fits-all market to a workload-intelligent™ flash solution market that optimizes the needs of individual applications. Burlywood’s patented firmware features and best-in-class tools to measure workload requirements combine to provide the innovation needed to address the performance and endurance requirements of the most demanding applications.

Customers can realize the benefits of FlashOS™ in two different ways. The first is buying SSDs directly from one of our manufacturing partners that have chosen our firmware technology for their SSDs. The second is by Licensing FlashOS and using Burlywood’s SSD reference design, allowing greater supply chain flexibility. Learn more at www.burlywoodtech.com.

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