Beverly Hills, CA, 08/31/18 – Eliya Cioccolato fashion designer signed with the Tara Thomas Agency. Russian-born
designer Eliya Ciocolatto was the first Russian designer to showcase her collection at New York Fashion Week in
2017. She has worked with some of the most popular figures in Russia, including Anastasia Kvitko, Olga Buzova, and
Victoria Bonya. Eliya has also collaborated with Tatu, one of the biggest cult-girl groups in Europe. She’s a regular in
the Fashion Week Calendar and holds shows in LA, Moscow, Miami, and Milan.

International Style
Eliya has also worked with some of the most popular manufacturers in Russia, China, Turkey, Italy, and Brazil. Her
clothing line, Cioccolato Collection, is a ready-to-wear luxury brand that represents the latest fashion trends. It
includes swimwear and casual sexy stylish outfits in chocolate-cream colors, making it perfect for modern women
who like practicality, quality, and comfort, but want to stay sexy at the same time. The clothes from the collection
are manufactured in different countries, including Russia, China, and the United States.

Fabric Vision
The attention to detail in every piece is recognizable. The clothes have bold artistic elements imbued with modern
designs. Each piece of clothing is made from high-quality fabrics. Cioccolato Collection includes a wide range of
playful palettes, from chocolate-cream pieces to yellow, red, green and blue hues. Each dress is carefully crafted to
emphasize its individuality, sexuality, femininity, and luxury. No two dresses are the same. Each one is embellished
with semi-precious stones and Swarovski elements.

Brand Variety
Eliya also owns three other lines – Cioccolato Accessories, Cioccolato Shoes, and Cioccolato Gowns. Cioccolato
Accessories is an exclusive line of accessories with modern and oriental designs.

Individuals can find metallic collars and metallic belts. Cioccolato Shoes is a line of stylish boots and shoes. Each pair
of shoes is handmade in Brazilian and Turkish factories. Customers can find fashion summer boots with Swarovski
elements. Cioccolato Gowns is a line of luxury gowns decorated with exquisite laces and sparkles. The gowns are
made from high-quality fabrics from France and Italy. This line is ideal for modern independent women who want
to be sexy, elegant and bright at the same time.

Moving Forward
With Eliya Cioccolato now working with the Tara Thomas Agency, it is expected that her collections will be able to
reach more modern women who want to look and feel sexy and comfortable in their clothes.

About Tara Thomas:
Tara Thomas is the founder and CEO of Tara Thomas Agency. Tara and her team worked with experts in various
media-related fields to efficiently promote their talents and provide high-quality services to their clients. They have
worked with multi-platinum producers, top celebrities, and artists under the company Thomas PR Group for several
years. Tara then decided to rebrand the company to Tara Thomas Agency.

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