Charley Worley Pivots From the Big Insurers to Embrace Innovation

FOUNTAIN INN, SC, April 15, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Southern Benefit Systems (SBS) announced today a new major strategic hire, bringing on Charley Worley as their new Employee Benefits Consultant. With over 25 years of experience in employee benefits design and implementation with large insurers, Charley will accelerate the expansion of leading-edge employee healthcare solutions offered by SBS across the United States.

An award-winning Employee Health and Benefits consultant, Charley has spent his career working for large insurers and saw first-hand the gaps and challenges businesses and nonprofits face when trying to implement healthcare benefits. With healthcare premiums skyrocketing over 270% in the last 20 years, many organizations are unable to compete with the benefits offered by large companies, losing top talent in an increasingly competitive hiring market.

For over 15 years, Southern Benefit Systems has been creating innovative employee healthcare solutions that lower costs for the employer and the employee, while improving the quality of care for the insured and their families. With options like no-copay mental health therapy, surgery and treatment with no out-of-pocket costs, and reductions in prescription costs of up to 90%, SBS gives businesses, nonprofits, and school districts the ability to offer in-demand benefits that compete with Fortune 500 companies.

“The employees using healthcare benefits are REAL people, not just employee numbers,” Charley stated. “It was important for me to choose a team that understands the benefits they design affect how employees live, their families, and their income. And, that many employers WANT to provide good benefits for their employees, but they’ve been caught in the mouse wheel of constantly rising costs and undelivered promises. I wanted to find a company that looked at things differently and aligned with my values. When I found SBS and saw how innovative and passionate they were about changing the healthcare landscape, I knew I had found my new team.”

– 43% of insured adults report difficulty affording their out-of-pocket costs
– Healthcare premiums have risen 272% in the past 20 years
– 59% of small business owners and benefits decision-makers report they couldn’t compete with larger employers on benefits
– 60% of SMBs report they limit employee insurance plan options due to cost
– 38% of Americans avoid or delay medical care due to costs
– 88% of medical bills contain errors, resulting in increased costs for employees and employers

About Southern Benefit Systems: Southern Benefit Systems is a team of forward-thinking professionals that believes healthcare benefits should be widely accessible and easy to use. Their 45+ years of combined experience allows them to identify hidden costs and inefficiencies built into the current healthcare benefit structure and replace them with leading-edge solutions that lower costs for employers and employees while improving the quality of care. In the past twelve months, the team saved new clients $3,056,710 and their employees $1,196,378 while offering more competitive benefits and expanded coverage access.

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