Part of Exner’s Highly Regarded Optical Measurement Range, EXcell 231 Is Ideal for Monitoring and Trending Algal Growth

AUBURN, CA, October 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — South Fork Instruments, a leading supplier of industrial measurement solutions, announces the launch of the EXcell 231 sensor, which is part of Exner’s renowned optical measurement range. This state-of-the-art NIR biomass sensor promises unparalleled precision and reliability for monitoring microalgae cultivation and growth.

The delicate process of microalgae cultivation demands accurate growth phase monitoring and an effective way to determine the optimal time for harvesting. Traditional optical instruments, though insightful, often encounter reliability issues due to external light interference and the unique nature of algae. The EXcell 231 is engineered to address and overcome these challenges, setting a new industry standard.

John Daly, Technical Director at South Fork Instruments, comments, “In industries like biotech, food, alternative energy and pharmaceuticals, the EXcell 231 is ideal for monitoring and trending algal growth. Its resilience against external daylight conditions and precise cell density measurements redefine what the industry can expect from monitoring solutions.”

EXcell 231: The Next Level in Monitoring
Unmatched Precision: The EXcell 231 offers optically-based cell density measurements that remain unaffected by external or ambient light, ensuring consistent and accurate data.

Integration with Retractable Housings: Paired with the innovative retractable housings from the EXtract series, the EXcell 231 sensor can be aseptically extracted for cleaning, ensuring long-term reliability and extended sensor lifespan.

Compatibility with Advanced Sensors: While the EXcell 231 stands out in optical measurements, its design footprint also matches additional process analytical sensors, like OPS71E pH and OCOS22E DO probes, to provide a standardized and all-encompassing solution for microalgae cultivation monitoring.

For detailed insights on the EXcell 231 or to explore collaboration opportunities, get in touch with South Fork Instruments today.

About South Fork Instruments: South Fork Instruments, based in Auburn, Calif., is an established supplier of measurement instrumentation, analyzers, and control products serving the Americas. The company’s cross-industry experience translates into a unique ability to identify, develop, and implement innovative measurement solutions. The state-of-the-art instrumentation products provide reliable, low maintenance, high-value results for plant control and quality improvement for a wide range of industry segments, including chemical plants, breweries, refineries, mining, power generation, food processing, offshore/onshore oil production, and pipelines.

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