Elijah Norton was interviewed by DotCom Magazine. Here is what he had to say.

PHOENIX, AZ, February 26, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Elijah Norton knows there are no shortcuts in business. As a young entrepreneur starting out, Norton has had his share of challenges. After all, he started his business in 2011 with the barest essentials, getting support from only two employees.

Just short of a decade later, Norton’s business has evolved to become the leading service provider in the vehicle protection plan industry. Today, Veritas Global Protection is a global leader, respected for its solid vehicle protection plans and customer care.

Elijah Norton was interviewed by DotCom Magazine. Here is some of what he said in his interview.

In the interview, Elijah Norton credits his company’s success to making sure that customers’ needs are identified and met. He believes in providing proactive solutions. According to him, knowing what can be implemented to prevent future problems goes a long way to protecting your customers and promoting your brand.

Reputation is merely the result of hard work, intelligent solutions, and the right approach. To build his brand, Norton’s company focuses on developing innovative products, providing them at competitive rates, and topping it with top-quality customer service.

According to Norton, there are many facets to success, but if he could credit his company’s stellar performance to just one thing, he would say it is innovation. Their goal has always been to innovate and find creative solutions for their clients. By keeping products fresh and relevant, Veritas Global Protection is able to remain competitive and ensure that their customers’ needs are prioritized.

It is impossible to build a stable business within a short time. Developing a successful business takes years and plenty of assessments and corrections. In fact, Norton’s first business did not take off until after its 3rd year. His advice to fledgling entrepreneurs is to be patient, especially if they have a great idea they can believe in and if that idea is the type that can evolve and develop into something big and stable.

Norton also advises new entrepreneurs not to rely too much on overnight success. Overnight success is a promise that may or may not come true. A successful business is never a flash in the pan.

It has to be built through care and smart decisions. There will be mistakes, but if you can use these mistakes as lessons on how to fail better and be better, you are on the right track.

Norton also does not believe in giving up. He is where he stands today because he believes that there is always an answer to every challenge, no matter how difficult it might seem. The key is to find ways to innovate while keeping an eye on the market and the competition. This, according to him, allows an entrepreneur to build a business that can evolve, adapt, and survive.

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