While AI and robot-bartenders may be on the rise, the heart and soul of bartending reside in the hands and hearts of passionate human bartenders.

NEW YORK, NY, October 20, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Local Bartending School, a renowned institution in bartender education, has released the findings of their in-depth research, shedding light on the ongoing debate of AI-driven technologies replacing human bartenders. The study has uncovered intriguing insights that emphasize the irreplaceable role of human bartenders in the industry, and in response, Local Bartending School is taking steps to share its findings and support the art of mixology through free lessons.

In a rapidly evolving world where technology is reshaping various industries, including hospitality, the emergence of AI and robots in bartending is undeniable. However, Local Bartending School firmly believes that the core essence of bartending can never be replicated by machines.

Bartending is more than just the skill of mixing drinks; it’s about crafting unforgettable experiences through personalized, individualized service. Their Master bartenders emphasize that bartending encompasses a blend of knowledge, skill, and, most importantly, a passion for the craft.

Robots, while capable of executing repetitive tasks with precision, fall short in understanding and forging personal connections with customers. It’s the human touch, the ability to create a drink tailored perfectly to someone’s taste, and the authentic care for patrons that distinguish human bartenders as irreplaceable.

Technology certainly plays a role in enhancing certain facets of the industry, but there are aspects it cannot replicate. This includes the warmth of a friendly smile, engaging conversations, and the genuine hospitality that radiates from a human bartender. At Local Bartending School, there is a resounding confidence that the art of bartending will endure because it’s a craft that originates from the heart.

The research conducted by Local Bartending School engaged thousands of participants, including current students, certified bartending instructors, graduates employed in bars, restaurants, and clubs across the USA and Canada, as well as thousands of regulars from these establishments. The key findings highlight the unwavering faith in the enduring role of human bartenders, with less than 2 percent of respondents believing that robots will replace human bartenders in the next decade. Intriguingly, only one individual, hailing from Las Vegas, expressed a preference for robot service over human bartenders. However, a substantial 74 percent acknowledged the increasing presence of robots and artificial intelligence in their everyday life future.

In light of these insights, Local Bartending School is committed to nurturing and preserving the art of bartending. The institution is actively organizing free bartending and mixology lessons and master classes throughout the USA and Canada. In October 2023, classes will be conducted in New Jersey (NYC metro), Texas, and New Hampshire, inviting individuals to immerse themselves in the world of mixology.

For inquiries regarding the free mixology master classes or to engage with Local Bartending School, please contact their representatives via their website https://localbartendingschool.com/.

The comprehensive research conducted in collaboration with esteemed partners including the Canada Bartending School, NW Bartending Association, California Bartending School, Virginia Bartending Academy, Washington DC Bartender’s Institute, Bartending School of Boston, Ideal Bartending School in KY, OH & TN, Brooklyn Bartending School, Toronto Bar Academy, New England Bartending School, and Reno NV School of Bartending, not only reaffirms the enduring significance of human bartenders but also underscores the pivotal role technology plays in shaping the future of mixology. As the institution advances hand in hand with these influential allies, Local Bartending School is poised to embrace this dynamic landscape and continue championing the heart and soul of bartending.”

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