With the winter season coming to an end and spring approaching, most of us are starting to think about our lawn and garden care. With hues of reds, yellows and oranges, everywhere around you is a spectacular display of nature. Then the leaves start to fall on the ground. Then they need to be raked and dumped- common chores that every house owner does, unless of course you are renting a yard care service like Denver yard service, where it is then up to the management to clean them. If this is your first time having a lawn of your own, you will need to know tips on spring lawn care. Spring is the time when the weather warms up and your plants will need to be taken care of so they do not die. Once you do it right, you will be able to have a beautiful lawn all throughout the year. Over the course of the winter there may have been a few things that have entered into it and it needs to exit.

Where to start? That is usually the most difficult decision to make and it may take several weekends to get your yard back in shape and ready for the coming year. If it makes it easier on you, brainstorm as to what you immediately see that needs to be addressed in your yard. You may consider some things more important than your neighbor; as long as the work gets done then so be it. Spring is the time to start controlling the weeds. Even though you can’t see them yet, the weed seeds are there just waiting to spring up in the middle of your beautiful grass. The best and easiest way to remove leaves is with a lawn mower bag that connects directly to the mower. Instead of grouping the leaves into piles and removing, slowly run over the leaves with the lawn mower, lawn mower bag combination. After about five minutes the bag will start to fill up with leaf mulch but do not empty the bag. Once the bag is full additional leaves will be unable to fit into the bag and will start to be mulched into smaller and smaller pieces. Continue to go over your entire lawn with a full bag until the leaves are mulched into fine pieces. After this is completed you can next begin to vacuum the leaves into the bag and dumping full bags into a yard waste container or using the leaf mulch around trees and shrubs.

Remember Watering too frequently will turn soil into dirt as well as decay the grass. At the same time though, lack of water will dry out the soil and slow down grass growth. This is why the right amount of watering should be done. In order to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy, there are two important things that need to be applied. These two things are fertilizer and water, and need to be handed well since an excessive amount of either will result in a common mistake that can spoil your yard. Thus, you will need to hire professional yard care to avoid such misfortune on your lawn. So as to avoid you from losing your yard or spoiling the green grass, it’s better to hire a professional yard care service. It’s a lot of work keeping your lawn in good condition by yourself. Let Denver lawn service take care of your yard for you this coming spring.