Pregnancy care basically includes before birth and after birth healthcare for the expectant mothers. It also includes treatments to ensure that a healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy as well as labor and delivery for both the mother and the baby are given. There are some healthy habits to follow during this period:

  1. Quit drinking alcohol and smoking
  1. Need to take folic acids supplements on a daily basis
  1. Have a proper discussion with the doctor regarding your medical conditions, dietary supplements and other prescriptions you take
  1. There should not be any contact with the toxic substance

To make sure that the child develops good values, right in the womb, as scientists, have now accepted how the child develops hearing, and so many other vital skills in womb itself, in addition to these, let the mother listen to stories of courageous soldiers, war heroes and devotees, and even sacred texts. Exhorts Dera Sacha Sauda chief, Baba Ram Rahim. This has a significant impact on the child. Also, while in womb, always make sure, to not fight amongst yourselves and create a positive environment.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji, says one should actually behave, as we are parents already, as the soul has arrived and is picking up, from us. Regular meditation can be beneficial, in the most effective way. Dera Sacha Sauda, teaches true method of meditation, absolutely free of cost. A connection at a soul level and with your higher self and do wonders to you and rejuvenate your soul completely. Thousands of followers of Baba Ram Rahim have benefitted from meditation in bringing to life, a spiritually inclined child, while practicing meditation, in their pregnancy days.

During the pregnancy, the woman needs to schedule regular healthcare appointments. There is a myth that pregnancy care is to focus on 9 months of pregnancy however, the postpartum care is very much important as well. This period lasts 6 to 8 weeks right after the birth of baby. In postpartum care, proper rest and nutrition are added on, as during this period there are physical and emotional changes in mother. Below are some of the guidelines a mother needs to take care of:

  • Always sit on a padded ring.
  • Every day shower is a mandate.
  • Lie down every few hours.
  • While sitting, practice a good posture by keeping the back straight.

Volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda, are dedicated to help out the pregnant women and their babies. They do organize free medical camps and offer medical care to the needy destitute women like medicines, tests, advice and follow up so that there is good health of the mothers and the unborn babies. They also nurture the poor pregnant women till the time their babies are grown up to some extent as per the teachings of Baba Ram Rahim Ji. Since this is the most important time in anybody’s life, and any negligence can affect the health of both mother and child, volunteers always make sure, pregnant ladies are well taken care of in their neighborhoods too. The whole world is family, is truly followed by these volunteers and indeed remarkable is the guidance of their Master Baba Ram Rahim ji.

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