inCruises International continues to make waves as it protects its online reputation and provide life-changing services to its members.

BOCA RATON, FL, June 23, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — If you don’t have anything nice to say, it’s best not to say anything at all. Unfortunately, one writer and the website that published her smear piece had to learn the hard way. When Vera Apsarova wrote a piece for about inCruises being a complete scam, the company knew they needed to take action.

It’s hard to say if Vera Apsarova was an unhappy customer or just looking to write a piece that would lure people into reading more articles on the Russian-based website Either way, her defamatory article about inCruises didn’t go as planned. They recently won their defamation lawsuit against the Russian website and the writer behind the piece.

inCruises International Finally Wins Big Against And Vera Apsarova

When Vera posted her piece about inCruises on Navika’s website, she claimed the business was fraudulent and dishonest. Her articles describe their business as a money-hungry pyramid scheme looking to scam innocent customers.

A ruling was passed on March 22, 2021, by the Commercial Court Sverdlovsk Region that states must remove the untrue article while also adding a retraction piece in its spot. Hopefully, this will teach them not to smear honest businesses just to get more views.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that the CEO of inCruises has had to deal with these articles. A similar style piece was published on, referring to the business as a big scam. In September of 2020, the company also won a defamation lawsuit against, passed by Moscow City Court.

inCruises CEO Michael Hutchison is happy with the outcome of this lawsuit. He will do anything to protect the reputation of his businesses. He prides his company’s commitment to making cruise travel more accessible.

What Is inCruises?

inCruises is a subscription-based cruise travel club that is invitation only. Many inCruises reviews claim that the way this company handles its memberships is a complete game-changer. They have helped many people across the country find more cruises at an affordable rate. When people see the inCruises logo, they know they can get a quality cruise for an affordable price.

What makes this company different from other cruise travel companies is they take the money out of advertising and put it right back in the traveler’s pocket. They offer partnership and compensation programs to help their members earn money.

CEO Michael Hutchison Continues To Look Out For His Company

Michael Hutchison and the team want to make sure their customers have the best travel experience. While they are an exclusive club, they want people to feel good about joining. That’s why they can not take the risk of media companies posting defamatory articles about the company.

Even though the information they provide is false, it can still do a lot of damage to the company’s reputation, and ultimately affect its relationship with current and future members. That is why Hutchison wants to make sure there are only honest inCruises reviews published.

inCruises® is an invitation-only exclusive membership travel club and a ‘total game changer’ for the way families plan, save and pay for their holiday vacations.

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