Industrial3D announces their work as the media developer for all design elements for HyperloopTT. I3D has taken on this project as an investment for the company’s future by being paid in stock instead of cash, to grow energy-efficient transportation.

TULSA, OK, June 29, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Industrial3D announces their work as the graphic and immersive content developer for all design elements for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies or HyperloopTT. Industrial3D has taken on this project as an investment for the company’s future by working for stock investment. Investing is a risk that I3D believes is worth taking as this can revolutionize the transportation industry. Additionally, putting time into new technology can benefit I3D and HyperloopTT immensely if Hyperloop continues to grow, as is expected.

When asked about I3D’s involvement in this technology, CEO Beau Brown says, “As a small-medium sized business, we feel very honored for an opportunity to work with new technology that could revolutionize the transportation industry.” Brown continues, “If this technology is accepted, HyperloopTT could be the new Boeing of transportation and the ultimate competitor to airline travel.”

The concept of the Hyperloop magnetic train was first presented by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, in 2012. HyperloopTT has taken this concept from an idea to reality with millions of dollars of investments and agreements with governments worldwide. The Hyperloop is a train traveling up to 700mph on magnetic levitation and low pressure. The success of such an innovative way of travel has grown to have an actual, full-size model of the HyperloopTT for research and development.

As HyperloopTT says, “HyperloopTT has brought together a global team to create a frictionless world. By removing the financial, technological, safety, and environmental risks, we’re removing barriers to where the world wants to go.” Due to confidentiality, I3D cannot share details but is honored to be a part of this innovative technology company to advance transportation.

Industrial3D Inc, founded by Beau Brown, is a 3D Animation & Immersive Media Design Company. What started as a one-person company 25 years ago, I3D quickly grew in 2010 when tasked with developing 3D animations for the BP Horizon Gulf Oil Spill for CNN & Fox News to explain the equipment used to contain the oil spill. Today, I3D works with companies worldwide to develop 3D Animations, Virtual Reality & Immersive Media Design.

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