Robroy Industries expands portfolio, partners with Ideal Integrations and Blue Bastion, local MSP and cyber security companies.

PITTSBURGH, PA, September 10, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Robroy Industries, a family owned and operated manufacturing business with deep roots in the Pittsburgh community, recently made a major investment in Ideal Integrations and Blue Bastion. Ideal was founded as a systems integrator, managed service provider (MSP) and value-added reseller (VAR) while broadening its offering by creating a cyber security division called Blue Bastion.

Michael Stratos, founder and CEO of Ideal Integrations said, “He was looking for a partner that can help Ideal achieve its aggressive growth initiatives and continue to scale the business locally, nationally, and internationally.” Michael wanted a partner that understood what it meant to be a Pittsburgh based company with strong Western Pennsylvania values and would further support the mission and vision of the company.

The 4th generation leadership of Robroy Industries, Rob McIlroy, CEO, and Jeff McIlroy, Chairman said, “They are very excited to work with Ideal and help them accelerate profitable growth through back-office support, strategic planning and capital investment.”

Rob McIlroy said, “He is looking forward to sharing best practices and supporting business development of the fast pace and high growth cybersecurity and MSP industries.”

Jeff McIlroy said, “This diversification investment is in alignment with Robroy’s long term growth initiative which entails organic growth and tuck in acquisitions to support Robroy’s core manufacturing business.”

In addition, Jeff said, “Robroy is looking for strategic stand-alone investments, such as Ideal, with strong management teams in place.”

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