‘STERO’ Kickstarter Launching Preview

NEW YORK, NY, September 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — As our computers began to get more high-tech, we can easily see ourselves working on our laptops at cafeterias, home, work, etc. So, various accessories to assist our laptop using experiences were released.

Especially the demand for: laptop sleeves that protects your laptop from exterior impacts or scratches and laptop stands to promote healthier eyes and postures for the users, are increasing.

But if an individual uses both a laptop sleeve and a stand, the user must go through all the hassle related to pulling in and out the laptop (sleeve) and carrying/installing a stand individually.

Amongst all these complexions ‘STERO’, the world fastest 3-second laptop sleeve stand, is in the middle of all the attention with its initial launch on Kickstarter. This gadget is capable of being used as a laptop sleeve and astand. Its adhesive pads located on the back, tightly hold the laptop in place. And its sturdy frames provide the most stable working environment anywhere at any time.

Also, mesh materials were used on the sleeve’s surface to specifically handle heating. The mesh materials are effective in breathing out heat, occurring from the inner parts of a laptop. This product also has a broad compatibility since, it can work with MacBooks to Ultrabook’s or even what ever laptops.

The internal and external case is all made with eco-friendly vegan PU leather. The covers are applied with high-quality Saffiano patterns on the outer shell and, a luxurious suede PU material on the inner surface.

STERO is also very attractive due to its gentle and clean finish thanks to our leather manufacturing expert of over 30 years of expertise.

STERO, the world’s first one-action 3 second laptop sleeve stand (before folding it and using as a stand), initially comes in three colors of Daylight Grey, Cosmic Grey, and Midnight navy. More details about STERO can be found on Kickstarter’s official homepage.


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