Make your brick sets more beautiful with some lights.

GUANGZHOU, CHINA, October 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Custom LEGO® light kits maker Lightailing Co. Ltd unveils lighting kits for LEGO® sets, including custom LEGO®. My Own Creation (MOC) kits, making it possible for collectors and enthusiasts to light up their LEGO® bricks for display and presentation purposes.

Lightailing launch its first light set for Lego Model Volkswagen T1 Camper Van in 2017. While the momentous introduction of light kits for LEGO® sets occurred in February 2020 at the LEGO® World global showcase in Copenhagen. LEGO® displayed the first several prototypes and announced plans to manufacture light kits in their novel “Night Mode” campaign.

It’s no secret that the collection of LEGO® sets has transitioned from a hobby akin to stamp collection to an art form. The first sets consisted of only around 100 pieces, and the largest set was the 149-piece LEGO® church. Today, the largest individual set is the LEGO® Art World Map, which consists of 11,695 pieces. MOCers have been pushing the boundaries of their creations for the longest time, and with the introduction of lighting kits, their creative capabilities have been greatly improved.

Light kits allow collectors and enthusiasts to transform the previously toy-like sets into lifelike replicas of famous buildings like NASA, the Taj Mahal, the International Space Station, the Empire State Building, and even the apartment from the hit TV show Friends. Companies like Lightailing are slowly but surely chartering a new path to even more intricate MOC designs, promising a future of breathtaking displays at LEGO® conventions globally.

Thanks to their innovation, you can buy light kits for very specific LEGO® sets. Honorable listings include Star Wars LEGO® sets like Yoda and the Imperial Light Cruiser, in addition to lifelike models of the International Space Station and the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. Sourcing the best kit for your specific LEGO® is a matter of searching through the website, which offers a straightforward experience all the way to the checkout page.

In addition to LED lights made for specific LEGO® sets, Lightailing also offers DIY LED lights for enthusiasts that prefer to use their practical design abilities. This may appeal to MOCers, who may need to build their own lighting kits from scratch. The company’s website allows them to shop for the lighting parts they need in the components range. All the components are designed to work with LEGO® and MOC sets.

Each kit comes with step-by-step instructions in English to make the installation process seamless. With little experience, collectors can create very intricate designs with little to no electronics knowledge because most of the kits and components available are plug-and-play. Best of all, all the wiring is discrete, allowing your creations to take center stage.

The custom-designed lighting kits that have already garnered massive recognition from LEGO® fans worldwide are available at

Lightailing is a company specialized in the manufacture of custom light kits for all LEGO sets and MOC.

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