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KALAMAZOO, MI, August 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Answer United, one of the most reputable answering services in the industry, knows that businesses must pay strict attention to every factor that affects their bottom line, especially as COVID continues to dramatically drain resources and profitability. One missed call, one failed ad response, or one mishandled emergency can lead to lower client satisfaction and lost sales.

In this age of instant mobile communication capabilities, Answer United enables customers to receive the benefits of live telephone answering services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It would be impossible for most businesses to dedicate the human, financial and technical resources necessary to achieve this goal, yet Answer United makes it easy, affordable and effective.

One way companies often lose business is that they are unable to respond to calls that come in after the office is closed. While the business may be quite proficient at handling customer calls during the day, these after-hours calls often go unanswered, leading to potential lost revenue. The solution to this lapse in coverage is Answer United’s After Hours Answering Service. Callers are greeted by friendly, knowledgeable, U.S.-based people acting as an extension of the client’s front office team, so customers don’t feel abandoned.

A good problem to have, says Answer United, is too many calls. During peak times, a company might be swamped with calls, but they could be missed if the business is short of staff or doesn’t have proper technology to handle the influx. 67% of all callers won’t bother to call back if they don’t get an answer, which means a missed opportunity. Answer United easily handles high call volumes with its Overflow Answering Service. Business is saved without the need to hire additional staff.

Another concern also cited by companies is their ability to respond to incoming inquiries in response to an advertising campaign. Businesses spend a great deal of time, effort and money to create and place an ad, yet it may be so effective that there is an onrush of calls they are critically unable to take. Impulse buying decisions can fade quickly, and these callers simply don’t try again. The Ad Response team at Answer United provides full-service, 24/7 ad response, and order processing to resolve these concerns.

Response time is also critical in an emergency situation, yet many businesses are unprepared for this possibility. Handling calls efficiently is a must, and the very success of the business could depend on it. Answer United’s Emergency Dispatch Service is exactly what is needed in time of a crisis. The company takes charge to help resolve issues, quickly deliver information, and take care of all customers and employees until a solution has been found.

Knowing their incoming calls are being answered in a fast and professional manner is a great source of comfort to business owners. “We hear back from countless businesses after they begin services with Answer United,” commented Answer United CEO Scott Gignac. “They often tell us: they wish they would have known about this type of service sooner, how much money they are saving, and how appreciative they are of our service. That is what makes this job great!”

Professional answering services, such as those available from Answer United, have the ability to respond and adapt to any type of business call situation. The company works closely with clients to adapt messaging based on their needs and provides robust reporting on all call details. Answer United focuses on managing the call end of the business, so its customers can continue to focus on making their business grow.

Based in the U.S., Answer United is an award-winning answering service that requires no long-term commitments. Industries the company services include hospitals and medical, dental and veterinary offices; property management firms; consulting and counseling companies; home health care; professional and home maintenance services; attorneys and accountants; and government offices.

Located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Answer United is a national leader in telephone services that has provided quality answering services and web-based call center support solutions for almost 60 years. The company offers 24/7 professional call answering, call center, ad response, and virtual receptionist services. Visit the website at, or call 800-937-5900 to request a quote or schedule a demo.

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