The Ultimate E-book that cover everything from basics to advanced, regarding A.I. Achieve your Deep Learning & Computer Vision masterc

SINGAPORE, October 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The essential deep learning educational e-book for the 4th industrial revolution, ‘THE UPGRADE’, has announced its launch on Kickstarter. The book’s educational content is about deep learning for artificial intelligence and computer vision. Its main difference from other e-books is that it provides every single aspect of computer programming and deep learning from the basics to actual projects.

The AI-based educational content ‘THE UPGRADE’ is like no other since it is infused with the growing needs and booming trends handled in the application of artificial intelligence in our lives.

The book handles the basics of Python for video processing/ data analysis and the primary frameworks of Tensorflow for carrying out Machine Learning functions. Apart from these areas, the book also informs the user’s the key tips for a successful project like facial recognition and the sorting of faulty outcomes.

In order to fully take in the programming skills, the reader only needs to invest about two 15 hour courses (30 hours total).

The educational content developer, ‘creApple’s reasoning for the development of this project was to create and provide educational content for all individuals, regardless of their expertise.

More details about the deep learning E-book , ‘THE UPGRADE’, can be found on Kickstarter upon its official launch this coming October.

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