Democrats sneaking Amnesty for millions of illegals into reconciliation budget bill

WASHINGTON, DC, August 24, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Most Americans are unaware Congress is on the verge of passing a federal budget this week that contains unrelated green card Amnesty legislation for millions of illegal aliens.

The national organization ALIPAC advises that exposing this plot to the American public and getting them on the phones to Congress is key to defeating this Amnesty dirty trick.

Democrats in Congress are breaking the legislative rules by placing green card Amnesty for illegals and other unrelated or non-germane items into the budget to sneak radical agenda items into law, bypassing the 60 vote filibuster rule in the US Senate.

The filibuster rule in the US Senate is a time-honored rule designed to prevent any political group from making radical changes to American laws unless there is strong majority support above 60 votes. Budget bills only require 50 votes but are only supposed to be focused on budget items according to the rules of Congress.

The green card Amnesty being snuck into the budget bill is expected to give green cards to more than five million illegal immigrants who would, in turn, give Democrats millions of new voters bestowing full and permanent control of all national elections, branches of the federal government, and laws and policies of the United States.

“The key to defeating this budget bill Amnesty plot is exposure and rallying individual activists, groups, and members of the honest media to warn American citizens rapidly while encouraging them to express their opposition to congress by phone,” said William Gheen, spokesperson for “Any legislation passed in this covert way that violates the rules of Congress will be rightfully deemed illegitimate and unconstitutional by the American public when they find out.”

Radio Show host Mark Levin and GOP White House advisor Stephen Miller warned on Fox News on Sat. Aug 21, 2021 that…

“This is the most extreme, frankly most insane proposal I would argue in all of modern history. During the worst most devastating border crisis… during a pandemic… They (Democrats) are proposing to effectively eliminate the legislative filibuster by using an arcane budget process… to enact Amnesty for this nation’s illegal alien population.”

VIDEO: Levin & Miller Warn Democrat Amnesty for illegals in Budget will displace GOP voters

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has been leading the national fight against illegal immigration and Amnesty since 2004 and has played an an influential and sometimes decisive role in stopping legislation Amnesty in DC many times.

The organization has also played a key role in defeating state-level bills that tried to give Amnesty, licenses, and in-state tuition to illegals in more than 30 states.

The truth is that a large majority of Americans oppose any form of Amnesty for illegals, and any Amnesty legislation that passes will place America under totalitarian single-party rule while increasing the amount of costly and deadly illegal immigration into our nation.

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ALIPAC is a racially inclusive peaceful political organization dedicated to stopping illegal immigration and Amnesty while supporting the existing border and immigration laws of the US since 2004.

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