As state congressional elections approach, Elijah Norton has realized Arizona is in need of a new leader, and he’s ready to start making changes.

PHOENIX, AZ, June 25, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — With congress elections coming up, residents of Arizona are looking for a change. The people want an ethical leader who isn’t running to build their career but would rather find solutions to the state’s more difficult problems. Elijah Norton has realized Arizona is in need of a new leader, and he’s ready to start making changes.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Arizona Congress?

In order to run for congress, representatives must be at least 25 years old and have been a US citizen for at least 7 years. They also must live in the state that they plan to represent. However, requirements for running for congress are more than just age and locations. There are certain skills and personality traits a person must have to be able to handle the positions.

Leadership skills are a must-have. Many successful congress representatives have had experience running a company. They know how to effectively manage a team in order to see out a goal that they have placed. When times are difficult, they must be just as effective at running their team as they are when things are good. This is an important trait for any political leader.

Political leaders have to win over the public. This means that they must be people-orientated and good at speaking to the public. People want to vote for a political leader that they can relate to but also show the leadership skills it takes to run the state.

Is Elijah Norton the Right Choice for Arizona Congress?

Elijah Norton, Veritas Global Protection founder, has many years of leadership experience and excels in the positions. At the young age of 21, while still attending college classes, he made the time to open up his first business. Leadership is something that comes naturally to Elijah, as he has taken on the role of president for companies in the past.

He is known now for his successful vehicle service contract company Veritas Global Protection, an idea that he brought to life and turned into an industry-changing business. One thing that Norton has always been good at is organizing for success. He keeps his employees motivated and continues exploring innovative ways to stay on top.

Elijah Norton’s Next Big Challenge

When Norton runs for congress, it will be the first time a conservative representative runs against David Schweikert since his scandal. In 2017 a congressional ethics investigation was centered around Schweikert. As president of his own company, Norton takes ethics very seriously. He has plans to make these ethics violations a prime issue.

The most interesting thing about this election is that Norton helped fund Schweikert’s campaign last autumn. While this may be a big challenge for Norton, the people of Arizona are looking forward to seeing what he can bring to the table. They are ready for an honest and ethical conservative leader.

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