Even though Norton has many challenges ahead of him as he prepares to run for congress, he is ready to get through all of them.

PHOENIX, AZ, October 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Elijah Norton is a successful businessman who is running for the Arizona congress. He believes that the Republicans need a new face in leadership, and he is prepared to fill those shoes. Norton is ready to challenge David Schweikert and earn the Republican nomination.

Arizona has historically been a conservative district. Norton is prepared to bring a new vision to the Republicans and become the leader they need. While Norton realizes he does have a big challenge ahead of himself, he’s ready to prove himself as an ethical leader that Arizona can depend on.

Elijah Norton is no stranger to filling the leadership role. This young entrepreneur started his first successful business at the age of 21. While he was still in college, Norton was managing a vehicle warranty service. He is currently the founder and president of Veritas Global Protection, a business focused on vehicle service contracts.

Over the past decade, Norton has proven himself a success. He has grown his business from an idea to a service that many people across the country rely on. While he is a natural-born leader, Elijah Norton has also proved that he’s willing to put in the work to make something great.

He doesn’t mind putting extra hours behind the desk to take his company to the top. Norton can make important decisions that will best represent his company and take it to the next level. He always has his company and his clients’ best interests in mind when he’s doing business. Norton plans to bring that same vision to the office when he runs for congress.

Elijah Norton has always been a big supporter of the Republican party. Over the years, he has made many generous contributions. In 2020, Norton donated over $153,000 to the 2020 election. He has always been a firm benefactor to many Republican parties, including the former president of the United States, Donald Trump.

When asked why Elijah Norton believes he is the right choice for Arizona congress, the answer was quite simple. Arizona deserves an ethical leader who has experience running a successful organization and always has the people’s best interests at heart. Even though Schweikert hasn’t had an opponent since 2016, Norton is ready for the challenge.

Elijah Norton has always been ethical in his practices. The same can’t be said for Schweikert, who has openly admitted to several ethics violations. Arizona deserves a leader that it can trust, not one who is untrustworthy and costs taxpayers money.

Even though Norton has many challenges ahead of him as he prepares to run for congress, he is ready to get through all of them to prove to Arizona why he’s a great leader. If the Republican party in Arizona is ready for a change, Elijah Norton is ready to step up to the position.

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