A recent study on social isolation shows the damaging effects of being left out.

DURHAM, NC, December 29, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — A recent study on social isolation showed the damaging effects of being left out. Teenagers may have social anxieties that prevent them from developing friendships or involving themselves in social activities. They may also feel isolated due to peer pressure or bullying that intentionally excludes them. Isolation can lead to prolonged depression, panic attacks, and extreme anxiety.

Social isolation is not healthy since it may cause low-self esteem and anxiety. While spending time alone is healthy and lets you communicate with your inner-self, unwanted time alone can have adverse effects. Socially isolated individuals may have little to no friends and often experience bouts of depression and anxiety. An example of this is teens who may be experiencing symptoms like:

• Avoiding social activities, events, and interactions.
• Canceling plans and feeling relief by staying away from social functions.
• Experiencing distress, anxiety, and depression during periods of solitude.
• Spending large amounts of time alone with limited contact with others.

Social isolation may be caused by bullying and exclusion. Some teens will turn to substance abuse if they cannot fit in or thoughts of self-harm or suicide. An individual withdrawing from social activities can develop depression.

In addition, teens who isolate themselves may find solace in technology, social media, gaming, and virtual world browsing. They may feel safer behind a computer or device instead of regular, face-to-face interactions.

While it can be challenging for parents to help teens in these situations, Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program is designed to help.

Trail Carolina Wilderness Therapy provides a healthy environment for teens to receive treatment. The Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Program is designed to help isolated teens reconnect with society. They learn positive life skills, relationship-building skills, and the best techniques for healthy connections. The Wilderness is also great for reconnecting with nature and participating in adventure activities.

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy uses time-tested, clinically sophisticated, and proven programming to support teens. It has and continues to help teens boost their self-esteem and worth.

They help teens develop crucial self-advocacy skills and work in teams to overcome challenges and solve problems. Students also learn how to deal with anxiety, depression, and thoughts of worthlessness by building self-confidence. Having issues with these things challenges their comfort zones and can improve overall mental and physical health.

Trails Carolina Wilderness Therapy Programs can help teens develop critical communication and social skills. These skills allow them to decrease social anxiety and regain focus in their lives. Each child brings unique challenges and receives individualized support. Their skilled teams work with every child to ensure a proactive, productive, and life-changing experience.

The groups are led by licensed, experienced therapists who specialize in working with youth of all ages. Parents are also engaged in parallel programming to best support their child when he or she returns home. Parents receive extensive communications and support and are encouraged to become active participants in their children’s lives and futures.

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