The group of companies “KAISSA” is one of the largest manufacturers of sunflower oil in Ukraine.

KAKHOVKA, UKRAINE, February 27, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to the numerous ratings, Ukraine is considered as the second oil producing country in the world. Such news comes as no surprise because of the favorable conditions and a thriving development of agriculture. However, not all companies actually care about the products they produce. And, fortunately, KAISSA is an exception.

The company does not only have such international certificates as IMO-Control, HACCP, ISO12966, ISO12966, ISO 22000:2007, and a Certificate of conformity but also makes sure that its products have maximum quality and nutritional value. They use the latest oil production technologies that make it possible to restore such essential vitamins as vitamins of groups A, E, and D. These elements are usually lost after the oil is processed, so you get an ultimately fatty product on the finish. But, KAISSA oil keeps all the best qualities of the aforementioned vitamins.

With 19 years of experience and more than 300 employees, KAISSA is a reliable company working on the international market. The company is oriented on cooperation predicated on the principles of trust and professionalism and mutually beneficial partnership.

The main products of the company are frozen, deodorized oil of brand “P”. But sub-products (cake, husk, unrefined sunflower oil). The company offers oil sales in bulk supplying transportation and gives customer solutions for delivery.

The major rules of KAISSA are “strict adherence to generally accepted standards and permanent quality control”, and they seem to actively implement these vital features to their activities.

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