Parents struggling to get their kids out of the door on time for preschool and daycare are turning to a gamified solution, to end the tantrums.

DENVER, CO, July 22, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — As Covid restrictions lift and millions of Moms and Dads head off to work once more, the pressure is firmly back on to get everyone out of the house dressed, fed and ready to go.

But what has always been a tough task has got even tougher with lockdowns destroying family routines.

Now parenting company Inspired Prose Printables has come up with the solution as preschools and daycare centers reopen – fun, bespoke routine charts that can gamify getting out of the house on time.

Marie Green, Founder of Inspired Prose Printables, said the stress and feeling of overwhelm that came with getting young children off to pre-school and daycare every day, was avoidable – with the right strategy.

She said: “Chasing kids around the house, leaving late for work, repeating yourself like a talking parrot. It’s tiring. We get it.

“That’s why we created fun and interactive routine charts that give families the structure, organization and predictability they’ve been searching for.

“Imagine having less battles to get out of bed on time, eat breakfast or brush teeth. There is now a solution for all of this – and it can be fun. The key is to turn the mundane into a game – then the children will get on board, which is a lot better for everyone!”

Nicole, a parent of a toddler, said the charts had transformed stressful early morning dramas.

She said: “We are thrilled with the routine chart. Customizing it was very easy, and then we had it printed and laminated so we could post it on our bathroom wall. It’s taken so much drama out of the morning and nights with our three-year-old.”

Parents wanting to end the morning nightmare just need to head to the Inspired Prose Printables store and purchase the routine chart that is right for them.

They then get sent a link and can edit the chart to their specific needs. Moms and Dads can then save and print their chart at home or order a laminated print from the store.

Marie added: “It’s been an incredibly challenging 16 months for everyone, and especially parents of young children having to juggle working from home and childcare. We are on a mission to help these families get back to a sense of normality – and if the day starts off on the right foot, well, that’s half the battle!”

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