Sandra Lee guides entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve sustainable prosperity from the inside out. Biofield Tuning sessions support your success—personally, professionally, and financially.

PENTICTON, BC, October 21, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Biofield Tuning is known to help people reset and relax their nervous systems, while decreasing stress and anxiety in the process. It has been known to ease inflammation and pain, cure insomnia, facilitate recovery from injuries and sports, and even create invigorating feelings of lightness. The unmistakable sound of the wonderful tuning fork utterly dissolves energy knots leftover in the body’s biofield as a result of trauma. All of this tension can significantly affect the major areas of your life experience—physical, emotional, and spiritual—making this effective, risk-free wellness tool the perfect antidote to your woes. Not only that, the practice of Biofield Tuning can also help make your professional life more fulfilling by facilitating an enhanced purpose that, according to many, attracts meaningful opportunities. This helps entrepreneurs better their business and themselves.

Sandra Lee, the well-known Human Design and Biofield Tuning expert, is a contributor to the anticipated bestselling book “Stop Overworking, Start Overflowing: 23 Ways to Transform Your Life Using Human Design”. Her chapter examines the benefits to businesses of the combination of Human Design and Biofield Tuning.

Describing Biofield Tuning, Sandra Lee, founder of Miracle Inspiration, Inc., explains, “Our bodies can be tuned like musical instruments.​ We experience a sense of well-being and optimal self-expression when perfectly tuned. I am delighted to bring Biofield Tuning, a 21st-century wellness modality, to entrepreneurs who seek relief from the pressures of the physical world. Tuning fork sounds touch upon the depths of human experience, allowing inspired ideas to arise from within.”

Along with top-notch Biofield Tuning services, Sandra Lee provides Human Design readings that help business leaders understand their purpose in order to better serve the world through their work. She has helped many entrepreneurs to move through life with greater ease, comfortably connecting with people, taking risks, and leaning into challenging situations.

Sandra’s own Purpose & Direction Reading helps entrepreneurs clarify their career goals and identify how they are uniquely designed to contribute. Human Design cannot say what an individual should, or will, do. It describes the themes one is likely to experience through their activities and relationships. When an individual or a business interacts with the world from a place of alignment with their life purpose and reason for being, this activates a powerful and attractive force. The ideal customer, just like opportunity itself, is essentially magnetized to what an individual or business provides—both of which Sandra Lee has helped with her unmatched Biofield Tuning and Human Design services. The promise of a deeper understanding and new perspective awaits! If you’re ready to learn the truth of why you are here, click directly below to pull your Personal Human Design Chart, as well as the chart for your business.

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Unearth your gifts, your challanges, and your purpose. Tune into greater opportunity!

Whether you’re reaching out for yourself, your business, or both, visit the Miracle Inspirations website today, to learn more about Sandra Lee and all of the services mentioned in this article.

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