ROMTech, a rehabilitation technology company specializing in postoperative orthopedic care, continues to stress the importance of knee surgery recovery for patients of all ages.

BROOKFIELD, CT, November 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — With knee surgeries being one of the most complicated orthopedic procedures patients face, ROMTech aims to speed up the recovery process. They also strive to eliminate the reliance on drugs and the development of other poor habits after surgery.

Opioids have increasingly turned into a serious, highly addictive problem all around the world. Utilizing telemedicine technology can speed the recovery process up, which decreases the need for opioids. Some might not need them at all, while others need a much lower amount to get back to feeling pain-free again.

Many patients are well aware of opiate concerns before even taking them for the first time. How can knee surgery patients avoid any opioid complications? ROMTech is hoping to help make a positive impact in that regard. Instead of utilizing pain medication to forget the uncomfortable feeling, the focus is on faster recovery with assisted movement to rehabilitate the knee.

Why Healthy Recovery Matters

A healthy knee must have plenty of physical therapy to return to full strength. Patients should start the physical therapy process soon after surgery, but it’s very easy to rest too much with pain and other limitations.

Pain after knee surgery prevents many from moving without any assistance. Physical therapy has been a traditional answer, but with the ROMTech PortableConnect, therapy comes home with the patient.

At-home recovery is not new, but the approach of PortableConnect changes the game. This telemedical technology replaces the need to go to physical therapy traditionally. The device acts as a physical therapist in the room, while actual medical professionals monitor remotely. They can check in with data, have consultations with the patient, and more, without ever having to step foot in a patient’s home.

This all relates to managing pain in the best way possible. Physical therapists help tremendously with managing pain, but that becomes time-consuming and costly for many. ROMTech is a more affordable solution that works around anyone’s schedule, allowing for physical therapy multiple times a day if necessary.

Eliminating the Opioid Crutch

Opioids help control pain, but the negative side effects have scared many patients from ever giving them a try. Some medical professionals view opioids as simply a crutch, so removing any reliance on them from the very beginning helps.

ROMTech continues to make improvements to telemedicine technology to make life easier for patients at home recovering. The goal not only is to eliminate pain early on but speed up the recovery process by being effective. The current target time for noticeable results post-surgery is two weeks of regular use with ROMTech PortableConnect.

In that same period, opioid addiction can develop even when taking standard dosages prescribed by a doctor. The temporary pain relief doesn’t help with full recovery and can prevent patients from rehabbing as they should. It only masks how the knee feels temporarily.

About ROMTech

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