T.U.B.E (The Ultimate Band Experience) TRAINING uses tube resistance bands to leverage the many planes of motion the human body moves through – not just the vertical plane defined by gravity. T.U.B.E TRAINING can be done indoors or outdoors.

NEW YORK, NY, July 21, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — T.U.B.E. (The Ultimate Band Experience) TRAINING is the brainchild of professional fitness coach Tre Fit.

This specialize program uses tube resistance bands to help improve the strength and conditioning of people of all fitness levels.

As fitness facilities across the USA focus their efforts on reopening safely in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, fitness professional, Tre Fit, is hoping to encourage more individuals to continue working out outdoors or in their own homes, with the launch of, T.U.B.E (The Ultimate Band Experience).

T.U.B.E (The Ultimate Band Experience) TRAINING is a fitness program created by Tre Fit, which uses tube resistance bands to leverage the many planes of motion that the human body moves through and not just the vertical motion defined by gravity that is the focus of traditional weight training.

By using snap-proof tube resistance bands, T.U.B.E TRAINING is able to activate and isolate a range of muscles through traditional and functional exercise movements, providing a comprehensive workout that improves both muscle strength and cardio conditioning.

Tube resistance bands let users perform a whole range of exercise movements that mimic both everyday moments and sport-specific activities, such as twisting the body from side-to-side, sidekicks and punches, as well as those exercises more commonly associated with weight training such as bicep curls, lunges or step-ups.

Since the temporary closure of gyms across the NYC area, Tre has started a small group training class outdoors in the park.The class regularly attract about 10 individuals from all backgrounds and levels of fitness, who sign up to a 4-week program that includes additional benefits such as body composition testing and nutritional guidelines to follow while on this program.

Speaking about the launch of T.U.B.E TRAINING, Tre said, “As gyms begin to reopen, people may still be apprehensive about working out indoors in shared spaces. T.U.B.E TRAINING is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to get a great total body workout, either individually, or in a fun, safe and social environment through our small group classes.

“Resistance bands aren’t new, however the way I teach people to use them is. The more I trained with free weights, the more I knew there had to be a better way to activate more muscle fiber while working out. T.U.B.E TRAINING provides a convenient and comprehensive workout for anyone that is looking to improve their general fitness but doesn’t know where to start.

“I really believe that T.U.B.E TRAINING can improve anyone’s level of fitness and conditioning while burning fat and building muscle. I’m proud to have created this program which is already benefiting people right across New York City area. Sharing something that will add value to someone’s life means the world to me.”

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