Wai Acupuncture, based in Longwood Florida, is proud to announce a new holistic treatment with the integration of Neuroscience based Acupuncture and Frequency Specific Microcurrents.

ORLANDO, FL, October 06, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Wai Acupuncture is proud to announce a new holistic treatment with the integration of Neuroscience based Acupuncture and Frequency Specific Microcurrents. The integration of two different modalities delivers a higher clinical success rate level.

“Acupuncture is a very rich tradition that delivers powerful results in our patients. I’m proud to stand by this long proven holistic treatment that’s now practiced all over the world!” stated Dr. Nancy Chau, the founder of Wai Acupuncture.

Dr. Chau further explained: “Acupuncture works by addressing the patient through their ‘channels’ which is similar to our nervous system as well. If we align our meridians with a nerve pathway chart, they are nearly identical.”

Dr. Chau uses her neuroscience knowledge to work alongside her acupuncture practice. The locations of the needles are referenced with clinical evidence on how the peripheral nervous system (neuroanatomy) runs, a concept supported by Western medicinal sciences. Technological advancements have shown that acupuncture is also supported by Functional MRI. The technique in Neuroscience acupuncture requires precise points and angles of the needle’s insertion. The quantity of needles is much less than traditional acupuncture.

“The patient’s comfort is a top priority in Wai Acupuncture. We don’t need to treat our patients like a pin-cushion.” Moreover, Dr. Nancy utilizes another integrated modality with acupuncture called Frequency Specific Microcurrents (FSM).

FSM is a safe and highly effective way address acute or chronic health concerns, providing an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs or chemicals. FSM works by supplying cells, tissues, and organs with specific subtle frequencies that the body utilizes to neutralize dysfunctional energy patterns. As a result, the body can be brought back to an energetic homeostasis. FSM frequencies use the scientific principle of resonance to affect biological tissue, aligning specific conditions to restore an energetic stable state. Using a single or multiple frequency protocols to treat a patient’s injury, many dysfunctions can be alleviated.

FSM is approved by the FDA for the treatment of pain and is categorized as a TENS device for the registration convenience. TENS devices use milliamp current to block pain passages, HOWEVER microcurrents delivers subsensory micro-amperage, (1000 times less than a TENS device). Microcurrents specifically target and neutralize various causes of pain such as swelling, scarring, tissue and nerve damage, trauma, calcium-buildup, toxicity and more.

Under the guidance of Dr. Nancy’s experience, microcurrents are an extremely safe, comfortable and efficient therapy available for all ages. FSM’s currents are so small that they are not significant enough to simulate the sensory nerves, and thus may not be felt by the patient during treatment.

Wai Acupuncture’s treatment protocols are safe, evidence-based and clinically proven to accelerate healing in patients. With the crafted combination of Neuroscience Acupuncture and Frequency Specific Microcurrents together, patients can see results that will help them achieve their best well-being.

About Wai Acupuncture

Wai Acupuncture & Integrated Chinese Medicine was founded in August of 2017. Located in the Central Florida area of the Sunshine State, we aim to serve the communities of Longwood, Wekiva Springs, Sanford, Maitland, Lake Mary and all neighboring areas that is home to an approximate population of 160,000 residents.

Wai Acupuncture endorses the philosophy that one’s optimal health can be achieved by restoring balance in life. Health is defined not only physically but psychologically, socially and spiritually in order to prevent diseases.

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