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BELLINGHAM, WA, July 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Parent Coaching Institute (PCI) announces that new resources developed by PCI Certified Parent Coaches® are now available. “The COVID year demonstrated the increasing need for practical, supportive tools for moms and dads,” states PCI’s founder and CEO, Gloria DeGaetano. “I am thrilled to be able to let our global community of parents know about these most recent sources of helpful information and inspiring ideas.”

PCI Certified Parent Coach® Angie Collins, has started the weekly podcast,”Everyday Mom Stuff” that delivers the story of a mom’s journey, or a snippet from her own motherhood adventures, or a simple chat on general stuff that happens in the everyday lives of every mother. She invites moms to “listen in for laughs, parenting tips, and a little comfort knowing we’re all going through some ‘stuff’ and…yes, we’re getting through it!”

“My favorite part of being a coach is to make connections for my clients and to see their “AHA” moments come alive. When they report back to me that they’ve integrated their new learning into their daily life, I know I have made a difference,” explains PCI Certified Parent Coach®, Jane Romeo. Jane’s recently launched monthly newsletter is chock full of fresh ways to integrate research-based ideas into daily parenting decisions.

In addition to the above resources, spring blossomed four new books from PCI Coaches that parents can now add to their summer reading lists.

Beth Miller, Amy Armstrong, and Mary Funari released their collaborative book, Real-Time Parenting: Choose Your Action Steps for the Present Moment. Filled with practical ideas, do-able action steps, and down-to-earth, relatable stories, their book presents a versatile toolkit of ten best practices based in positive communication, effective discipline, and problem-solving. Real-Time Parenting helps parents become influential guides for their children through teaching, modeling, and setting healthy boundaries.

Alice Hanscam, owner of Denali Parent Coaching released her third book, Parenting Through Relationship: Ideas and Inspiration to Help You Be the Parent You Intend to Be. With a creative approach of providing affirming stories and short bits of vital information, along with an index for quick reference, this book respects the fact that parents have a real desire to help and usually little time to read. Along with Alice’s first two books, Parenting Inspired and PAUSE, this third book reflects her life’s work: helping parents grow their confidence in themselves, connect fully and meaningfully with their children, and build healthy relationships so their families can thrive.

Louise Clarke, owner of Your Parenting Partner combined her expertise as a family support specialist with her experiences parenting her own teens to develop the e-book, Parenting the Modern Teen: The secret to understanding, connecting, and communicating with your teenager in a disconnected, distracted and digital world. In the book she shares her story and offers simple, realistic, and sustainable solutions that resulted in changing her parenting for the better.

Parent Coach and Licensed Level 4 Foster Parent, Sarah Salisott has packed a lot into Welcome to the Foster Lane: Parenting Advice from a Coach Who has Been There. This highly readable, engaging short book synthesizes research-based information for new or experienced foster parents, helping them to set sail for a most productive and rewarding journey—for themselves and for the children in their care.

“We’re very proud of our graduates and their accomplishments,” says DeGaetano. “It is a great gift, and always a delight, to work with such heart-centered, dedicated professionals. PCI attracts some of the best and brightest professionals around the globe, including teachers, social workers, counselors and others who want to make a difference for families. And they do!”

The PCI’s acclaimed distance-learning, graduate-level Parent Coach Certification® training program, offered in affiliation with Southern New Hampshire University, enrolls students twice a year. Applications are currently being accepted for the 2021 Fall Term, with an early bird discount with the basic application form e-mailed by July 9 and the final application deadline August 13. For more information or to download an application form, please visit

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