Members share favorite RG shirts, travel adventures & tips about where the best sales are

FORT WORTH, TX, September 02, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Robert Graham clothing has legions of fans including the approximately 208,000 who have liked and followed the official Robert Graham Facebook page.

In 2020, Ron Sturgeon, a Fort Worth-based commercial real estate developer, created a public Facebook group for fans and collectors of Robert Graham shirts and other clothing.

“We’ve created a wonderfully open and inclusive group,” said Sturgeon. “Robert Graham Clothing Collectors has members in every U.S. state and in many countries across the globe where RG shirts are popular,” added Sturgeon.

Group members are encouraged to share their favorite Robert Graham shirts and to share their travels and other adventures.

“A big part of the Robert Graham Clothing Collector group is sharing with other RG collectors who appreciate the good life, whether it be a new destination, a new restaurant or a special family occasion that calls for dressing up in a stylish Robert Graham shirt,” said Sturgeon.

Although members are free to post shirts for sale or to post about Robert Graham shirts they are looking for at any time, the group reserves the first two days of every month for the closet sale.
“We don’t have a lot of rules,” said Jennifer Knittel, marketing manager for a Fort Worth wedding venue, and one of the administrators for the group.

“We ask that every post have at least one Robert Graham item, that members refrain from political discussions and that members keep in mind that the true purpose of the group is sharing the RG lifestyle, rather than selling Robert Graham shirts,” noted Knittel.

“There are other Robert Graham Facebook pages, but most have lots of rules and especially don’t allow sales, which isn’t helpful as we try to attract more aficionados of the brand,” said Sturgeon.

Any fan or collector of the brand can join the group at Robert Graham Clothing Collectors. Brand names, service marks, and trademarks mentioned in this press release are the property of their respective owners. This group has no affiliation with Robert Graham.

Robert Graham Clothing Collectors on Facebook

Robert Graham Clothing Collectors is a Facebook group for collectors of Robert Graham shirts and other clothing and products. It was started in 2021 by Fort Worth-based serial entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon. The group is focused on sharing favorite shirts and the Robert Graham lifestyle and has closet sale days on the first two days of every month although members are free to list items for sale at other times. The group is not affiliated with Robert Graham.

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