The company is also continuously launching products for motorcycles and snow sports. In Kickstarter, the company will be launching three of its next-generation helmet CRNK. Here are the three types that will be introduced at Kickstarter.

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing big changes in our lives. The sports sector is no exception. As more and more people are playing outdoor sports, the number of bicycle riders in Korea has also increased significantly. The problem is that the number of people who get into accidents while riding bicycles is also on the rise.

Analogue Plus (CEO Jae-Heung Park) announced that it will launch three CRNK helmets with enhanced safety this month.

Analogue Plus, which started as an in-house venture company of Samsung Electronics C-lab, is introducing bicycle helmets, goggles and apparel. The company is also continuously launching products for motorcycles and snow sports. In Kickstarter, the company will be launching three of its next-generation helmet CRNK. Here are the three types that will be introduced at Kickstarter.

Arc, the Peak of Balance and Style
Arc is made for those who take balance and styling seriously and want a “stylish helmet.” Arc has great outer design, fit, safety, and even ventilation, along with great balance. Especially for people who think importantly of appearance when riding, it is a simple-designed helmet fit for that purpose. Aero-line design with a slim fit and elegant ventilation embedded, it gives you a clean look with excellent heat release. It also only weighs 220g allowing you to ride for a long time without any discomfort.

Artica, Daily Helmet with Weightless Fit
If you are afraid of your hair getting all messy and limp after wearing a helmet, this helmet is for you. Artica only has about 23% of the inner surface touching your head and doesn’t make it feel like wearing a helmet. It can be worn on workdays because it does not mess up your hairstyle.

Genetic, Road-Style Aero Helmet
Genetic helmet is fit for long-distance riding or exercising. For long-distance riding, air resistance and heat release are the most important factors. Genetic has a hidden-vent on the front and top of the structure and has wide ventilation in the back, minimizing the air resistance and maximizing the heat release. It provides a great solution to the issues from aero-type helmets.

CRNK is a high-quality bicycle helmet made by Analogue Plus. It is made with the same materials that are used for making high-end brand bicycle helmets to ensure quality, but the price was lowered to provide more people the chance to try on its helmet.

Through continuous R&D, the company succeeded in making CRNK provide superior air ventilation and heat release functions. Unlike other helmets with a one-dimensional ventilation structure, CRNK’s framework was specially designed to create wide ventilation to maximize heat release and comfortability in a regular road riding environment.

CRNK’s weight was successfully reduced to the 200g range, and it does not weigh the rider down even when worn for a long time. Also, it was made to effectively emit heat, so sweat does not build up on the head. Even the auxiliary materials were carefully selected to make CRNK. It features a freely adjustable rear adjuster, a convenient magnetic buckle, and an antibacterial pad. Also, it shows a neat finish through EPS compression and density control, and the internal EPS foam does not fall off like powder.

The three-dimensional design helps provide the optimal fit for the riders. There are also the strap and the rear controller for adjustment of the size of the helmet. Its modern-looking, the design looks good on anyone wearing it and complements any type of fashion.

And most importantly, it helps protect the riders with the rigid brace technology used for the structure of the helmet. The inner form is made with the EPS form and PC is used for the hard shell on the outside.

The CRNK brand was launched in 2018, and it ranked first in the popular brand in Korea in 2020 with its great features. It is also actively targeting the Japanese and Southeast Asian markets since late 2020. By launching in the US’s crowdfunding service Kickstarter in October, it is about to find out how Americans will react to CRNK.
Analogue Plus CEO(Jae-Heung Park) said, “CRNK, which has been certified by KC and CE for safety inspections, has various features besides design and reasonable price. By launching in Kickstarter this time, it will be a great chance for us to promote our products in the US for the first time.”

He continued, “Information on CRNK helmet can be viewed in more detail on our YouTube channel. Leave questions on the comment section below, and we will answer your questions. Thank you for your support.”

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