The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Renaissance BioScience Corp. to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

VANCOUVER, BC, October 07, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Renaissance BioScience Corp. (Renaissance) is a Canadian bioengineering platform technology company harnessing the power of nature to develop technology and products which solve global problems in healthcare, food & beverage and agriculture in environmentally safe and efficient ways.
Renaissance has been established as a leader in whole organism engineering through developing a proprietary bioengineering yeast platform that has produced commercial patented “Generation 1” products that are licensed to global industrial partners.

Renaissance has utilized the knowledge and experience gained from our Generation 1 products to create a revolutionary production and delivery technology platform for RNA bioactive molecules using yeast as the basis for the technology.

The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Renaissance BioScience Corp. to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

The OCMX™ has spent considerable time completing its due diligence on A Renaissance BioScience Corp. and concluded that there is indeed a tremendous potential for this opportunity.

The OCMX™ noted that Renaissance BioScience Corp. exhibits the main components of any solid opportunity, namely a solid management team, a great track record, and a number of key competitive advantages.


Our “Generation 2” technology focus is the development of a novel proprietary technology platform for the oral delivery of RNA bioactive molecules, targeting human and animal health solutions as well as environmentally safe agricultural crop protection.

Our first human healthcare target for our RNA production and oral delivery technology is for gastrointestinal therapies, specifically irritable-bowel disease (IBD). Our first agricultural target is an environmentally safe biopesticide targeting the Colorado Potato Beetle.

Renaissance’s platform technology has low production costs and a plug-and-play type of deployment for various human and animal diseases and additional agriculture crop protection insect targets.


• Generation 1 technology is licensed to leading global food and beverage companies. Premium products have been launched globally.
• Generation 2 technology has completed initial in vivo mouse model and insect trials.
• Renaissance has raised CAD $13.5 million to date from equity issuances.
• Since inception, Renaissance has received CAD $3.6 million in non-dilutive government research grants and tax credits with CAD $860 thousand expected for 2021.
• $2.5 million non-refundable advance royalty received in 2020 to secure the global master license agreement for Renaissance beverage yeast.


John Husnik, PhD | Founder, CSO, Office of the CEO – Dr. Husnik is a leading researcher in the area of yeast strain development techniques. Dr. Husnik earned his Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology and his Master’s degree in Food Science from the University of Guelph, and holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from the University of British Columbia. John and his team are responsible for the Renaissance RNA technology creation and development from initial concept to current status.

Maurice Boucher | Founder, Office of the CEO – Mr. Boucher has more than 30 years’ experience in finance, concentrated in the equity funding and financial market development of early-stage technology companies. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia, majoring in Finance and Accounting.

Michael Kirwan, CFA | CFO – Mr. Kirwan has more than 30 years’ experience as a financial advisor, portfolio manager, and with early-stage corporate development. Past positions include V.P Trimark Investments, Portfolio Manager at Bolder Investments, and SVP at Burcon NutraScience Corp. He has a Bachelor of Administration (Economics) from the University of Calgary and is a Certified Financial Analyst.


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Renaissance BioScience Corp. gets listed on THE OCMX™

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