Female Owned Investment Firm Sets High Bar Offering Strategic and High-End Financial Services during our Pandemic

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 17, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — As a female owned small, private and exclusive RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) firm competing with all the big firms for the same clients, Pakha RIA sets itself apart by offering custom business, pension and retirement plans that cater to high net worth individuals, families and small business owners. Dispelling the notion that only large public corporations can benefit from the liability protection of the corporate veil and all its tax deductions and many more benefits, most importantly a Defined Benefit Pension plan that not only creates a massive tax deferral vehicle for top mgmt. / top heavy small company owners, but also provides an outstanding talent recruiting benefit as well as an effective retirement and risk mgmt. tool for all involved.

Partnerships with top local TPA’s, CPA’s and business attorneys has enabled Pakha to create an affordable and strategic tax planning system that can give small businesses the same benefits large corporations have been utilizing in lowering risk and taxes while enjoying more liability protection.

“Smashing the 3 myths about Defined Benefit Pension Plans for small businesses and family offices to reduce taxation and recruit better talent,” said Page Khalajestani, Principal, Pakha Investment Advisory. “Defined Benefit Pension Plans are not just for the big corporations anymore. They are much more accessible now through our proven system and core team of professionals.”

As an immigrant from Iran, Page Khalajestani works hard to maintain the American Dream her father never saw come to pass and she wants to do the same for other entrepreneurs who are misled by unlicensed business consultants. There are plenty of misconceptions out there about liability reduction, i.e. ‘A trust can limit liabilities.’ That’s one of the biggest misinformations out there, “A trust is just a private document that is essentially the hand from the grave and dictates what you want done with your assets when you are gone. It does NOTHING to limit lawsuit liabilities from employees, renters, partners, customers, etc.”

“Page helped us establish an entity to increase protection from liabilities and establish an open architecture Defined Benefit Pension Plans to reduce our taxes,” said Mike and Lois Kenney, Market Leaders at Movement Mortgage. “She then reduced our overall investment risk with a creative plan that included insurance and stock market investments, all the while keeping costs low and walking us through every step!”

‘A Roth IRA is always a good idea as it accumulates and becomes tax free.’ “This is the biggest misconception being peddled by unlicensed media personalities on television and radio. A Roth IRA is an after-tax vehicle. If you are young and at the top of your earnings game, your goal should be reducing your taxes not paying them to put into an account you can touch till 59.5 years of age, because even though ROTH IRA distributions are tax free, they are still a retirement vehicle and if touched before 59.5 years of age, will incur a 10% IRS penalty for early withdrawal. And they must have been opened for 5 years minimum before you can take distributions. Another disadvantage of a Roth RIA is you cannot borrow against its assets as you would in a Defined Benefit Pension Plan. These are just a few of the bigger misguided and broad stroke advice peddled by the likes of Suzy Ormon or Dave Ramsey. If any consumer wants updated strategies that work, it is important to contact a licensed and registered professional that is implementing them on a daily basis for clients.”

About Pakha Investment Advisory

Page Khalajestani is the Founder of Pakha Investment Advisory with over 31 years of experience in the financial services industry as an Institutional Trader and Senior Investment Adviser. She is personally involved with all aspects of financial planning and wealth design for those who have accumulated assets and want to protect their financial security. She also works closely with small companies in the design and investment of their qualified corporate benefit pension plans. Page grew up in Southern California and started her career as a Trading Assistant at Drexel Burnham Lambert, Kidder Peabody, and Merrill Lynch before moving to the East Coast. While in New York City for 7 years she enjoyed great success, smashed through the Wall St. glass ceiling and gained considerable experience as an Institutional International Equities Trader and NASDAQ Market Maker. After 9/11 she moved to Miami and for the next 7 years worked closely with more than 120 of the top investment companies such as Templeton, Mutual Series, Fidelity, Trimark, TIAA Cref, Oppenheimer Funds and many more. For more information, to book a speaking engagement or schedule a consultation, please visit: http://www.pakhaia.com/.

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