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OTTAWA, ON, March 18, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — InventionShare is an intellectual property monetization firm that analyzes a lot of patent portfolios and is constantly seeking ways to improve accuracy and efficiency. Objectively assessing strengths and weaknesses of a patent portfolio is challenging. “To do it right you need to compare it to many other patents with similar characteristics,” said Greg Waite, CEO of InventionShare, adding “without strong automation it can easily take days or even weeks to find highly correlated inventions and even longer to assess quality and predict outcomes like licensing and litigation.”

InventionShare used IP.com to analyze a sizable patent portfolio called AcceleRoute, comprising 36 patents that provide a blueprint for next generation cloud data center networking. “IP.com’s InnovationQ Plus platform has been a game changer for us, providing extensive analytics that calibrate the portfolio alongside other competitive intellectual property in the industry,” said Waite.

“We’re really pleased to see companies like InventionShare embracing our InnovationQ Plus platform to benchmark patent portfolios”, said John Bonin, CEO of IP.com, adding “we’ve worked hard to ensure our AI engine provides extensive multi-dimensional analysis to meet our customer’s demanding requirements.”

About InventionShare
InventionShare specializes in accelerated monetization of significant technologies to achieve strong returns. Starting with important inventions that can change the world, we introduce them to the innovation pipelines of established large global companies and new rising stars. InventionShare seeks to apply new technologies to existing successful companies, enabling their products to meet the challenges of the future.

About IP.com
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