Hero-X just launched with their first 2 concerts for frontline workers coming this month. Developed by a healthcare worker who ran a COVID-19 unit in San Diego.

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 19, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Investing in Hero-X has two major draw-ins for potential investors:

Hero-X not only generates 4%of all transactions back to your wallet in BNB rewards but everyone can earn a portion of the HERO Pool just for participating.

Not only does Hero Project throw concerts and events for frontline workers but they are developing the first of it’s kind Hero Platform. A Crypto integrated social media platform creating revolutionary change to the social media industry promoting the idea that influential status should be earned by your real world contributions rather than likes and follows. Hero app will also have an NFT integrated marketplace as well as Hero swap, a decentralized exchange.

Hero-X has officially passed their first audit which will allow them to move forward with some large partnerships with notable projects in the coming weeks. Hero-X will be co-hosting their first concert for frontline healthcare workers with Munch and Coinmerge in September. They have already begun to develop partnerships with known influencers who support the ideas behind the platform as well as the auto-reward generating tokenomics. Exchange listings are expected out of the gate as well as massive competitions like their current one where a holder has the chance to win a Tesla! Interested investors can currently purchase HERO-X on PancakeSwap.

The branding for Hero Project is simplistic and bold with a superhero like effect. The X in Hero-X represents, exchange, market place, and change. This is a memorable logo that will also look appealing as an app icon upon platform release.

Website: https://www.heroproject.tech/

What is HERO-X: https://tinyurl.com/xnaatazu

Telegram: https://t.me/HERO_Project

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HERO__PROJECT

“We envision being the next instagram or facebook and starting a huge social push on changing who an “influencer” should be. We believe it is time the world needs a social media platform that promotes positivity and gives us actual people that should admired. We see publications like Time, People, and Forbes have lists of “most influential people” but it never goes past that. Why not promote this idea and these typeof people all the time? Societal ideas of who they should be looking up to and admiring are completely skewed because of social media and the people that are put in the public eye. I’d rather have my children looking up to someone who has done amazing things for the world rather than some kid dancing next to his dad’s lambo. That being said all are welcome to use the HERO Platform but with us getting rid of likes and follower count influential status will have to be earned.” – Hero-X Team.

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 Company: Hero Project
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Website: https://www.heroproject.tech/

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