The global 2022 New Year’s event starts on December 14th.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, December 14, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — In exciting news for MMORPG ‘MIR4’ fans, Wemade is celebrating the New Year with a special event, beginning December 14th and continuing into 2022. The opening of a new region, Phantasia, and new content updates for Boss Raid and character NFT releases will follow on December 21st.

Throughout the four-week-long event, players can receive an abundance of special rewards, including: Epic Challenge Incense Burner Box, Socks of Wishes (containing Magic Square tickets, Secret Peak tickets), and Cordials that can be consumed to support the growth of a character. There will also be a hunting event for two weeks from December 28th. Players can obtain Wish Letters by hunting monsters in the MIR continent and exchange these from NPCs in town to get various Enhancement Stones and Blue Dragon Statues.

The release of Phantasia will reveal a completely new area of the MIR continent. This new expansion will unveil fields such as: the Phantasia Desert, Ant Hole, Sabuk Province, and Sabuk Castle Underground Jail. Players will be able to enjoy a vast amount of newly added quests, missions, and requests. ‘MIR4′ will also increase the maximum level limit to 130 as part of this update. Conquest structures’ maximum stage levels will also be increased to stage 17 – when the Tower of Conquest reaches stage 17, players will be eligible to reach the maximum level 130 for their characters.

Other new content will be updated to enable further character growth:
• The maximum constitution tier will increase to Tier 13
• Three Inner Forces will be unlocked (Violet Mist Art, Northern Profound Art, and Toad Stance)
• A new mystery, Bok Yangjeo, will be added

Additional content updates for high-level players will include:
• Boss Raid ‘Forsaken King’
• Boss Raid ‘Crimson Dragon Nest’
• Clan Expedition ‘Blue Thunder Dragon’

December 21st will set the launch of a new NFT exchange where characters can be traded. Players will be able to seal characters that are above level 60 and have a Power Score of 100,000 or more, and exchange with other players as NFTs. Players will gain recognition for ownership of their characters they have worked so hard to raise and will be able to conduct player-to-player trades using a safe and secure transaction system in the NFT exchange.

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