Beer pong is perhaps the most iconic drinking game, popularised at house parties, but sometimes it’s refreshing to shake things up. These game variations are sure to keep people entertained around the beer pong table.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, November 18, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to sporting merchandise retailer, The Stubby Club, sales of beer pong tables have skyrocketed during the pandemic, confirming the soaring popularity of the American college drinking game. As more Aussies emerge from lockdown and social activities begin to ramp up again, it might be time to spice up the traditional rules of beer pong.

Already a popular drinking game, ‘slap cup’ is a great game that doesn’t have a limit on the number of participants like beer pong does. While beer pong is generally limited to four players, the whole party can join in the fun of slap cup, explains The Stubby Club. The rules of slap cup are simple, with the aim to bounce a ping pong ball into a red cup as quickly as possible. The game is very fast paced, which makes for some fun competition.

Mixing beer pong and flip cup into an epic relay race, ‘flong’ is a fast paced and competitive drinking game with no limit on the number of players. The Stubby Club explains that to play, two teams line up in single file with the same number of cups lined up. Each player takes turns shooting a ping pong ball into their red cup. Once they sink the ball, they must run to the cup, chug and flip the cup. The first team to sink and flip all cups wins.

With endless variations on the classic beer pong game, it’s no wonder beer pong tables get a good workout at every social event.

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