The implementation of different skin tones, hair colors, as well as the expansion of the illustration library with various characters now makes the simpleshow video maker even more diverse.

BERLIN, GERMANY, May 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — simpleshow users can now add a variety of skin tones and hair colors to the characters in their videos with just the click of a button. Powered by AI, the platform can automatically add diverse characters or users can customize the characters to better represent their audience.

Following the recent addition of an automatically colored illustration style to the DIY platform, the release of these features will help users easily represent even more diversity in simpleshow video maker. Sandra Böhrs, CMO of simpleshow, emphasizes the importance of diversity.

“At simpleshow, diversity is just part of who we are. That’s why we are excited to automate the ability to add more diversity to the characters in simpleshow video maker. We know that audiences better identify with characters when they see themselves represented. We believe this will drastically increase engagement with user videos.”

In addition to the many skin tone and hair color choices, simpleshow has also added more diversity to the character illustrations. Characters are now classified as business or casual instead of male or female. This ensures that both genders can be equally represented in certain job roles. The illustration library has also been expanded to include more character options to better represent the diversity we see every day such as age, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, disability, body type, sexual orientation, and different family structures.

Even with the addition of color, skin tones, hair colors, and more diverse character illustrations, artificial intelligence continues to handle all the hard work keeping the platform easy to use for simpleshow users.

About simpleshow: simpleshow is the pioneer platform for digital products and services around explainer videos. Guided by the mission to make modern communication simple and concise, the market leader enables everyone to explain complex topics in a clear and engaging way. The AI-powered SaaS solution, simpleshow video maker, allows users to create professional explainer videos in more than 20 languages within just a few clicks. A magic that comes from years of experience in producing tens of thousands of videos and eLearning courses, in over 50 languages. The simpleshow team caters to clients from offices in Berlin, Luxembourg, London, Miami, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Large international companies value simpleshow as a partner for the ability to provide simple, effective explanations.

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