“When it comes to specific types of video, B2B marketers indicated they are getting the most bang for their buck with “short-form videos” made for social media.”
Tequia Burt Editor in Chief at @Linkedin

BOULDER, CO, June 27, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — We can produce and promote cost-effective, custom videos for your solutions and promote them to more than 40K+ on Linkedin and if you are ready to get your own “YourTube” show you how to control your own customer-focused network.

There are many more options including cyberchats, video press releases and more here https://socialstreamingtv.com/news/mediakit/

ChannelPartner.TV Announces Acceleration of Ultra AI Video Network Platform Integrating GPT-4o (Omni) with “Kill Switch” – Coming Soon and also explore other models suited for customer needs. There is much more here:

We reviewed earlier versions of GTP and found them to be lacking and even this new release is still focused too much on text, however they had added “omni” features such as video, audio, graphics and other content forms.

As OpenAI noted, “GPT-4o is trained on a single new model with end-to-end across text, vision, and audio, meaning that all inputs and outputs are processed by the same neural network.”

Because GPT-4o is a leading model combining all of these modalities, we believe it is time to accelerate our own AI efforts along with our existing AI development TECHtionary features in ChannelPartner.TV based on decades of research and development which can be found in MindMeld-Merging Mental and Metal called the “best business book on AI” and can be found on AIuserforum.com

Seeking a Higher Level of Governance and Compliance

There are many pitfalls as we see it relying upon another new and relatively untested platform which will also be the focus of cybersecurity attacks from all directions as GPT represents a new business operating system (BOS). As such we have built in a “kill switch” to disconnect GPT from the platform data should the need arise and plan to only use this to protect user/customer data. This concept is also recommended for other applications a customer may have in order to achieve a higher level of governance and compliance.


ChannelPartner.TV is, as far as we can find, the world’s largest channel news video news network now with more than 2,100 quick videos designed to provide “just enough – just in time” breaking news and highlights from more than 1,900 companies worldwide. ChannelPartner.TV is a private label version of the Ultra video network from SocialStreamingTV with a fast array of features with newsfeed, video streaming consisting of up to 55 multi-channel video streaming and ondemand videos, news feeds and unlimited context library with one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one video, and “Captain’s Log” personal video recording, along with the world’s first website “Video DoorBell” video chat, digital business cards, virtual events – webinar features, learning management system (LMS), CRM, action-icon “acticons” calendar system, TECHtionary AI-driven content search system, chatbot and many more features that can be found on https://socialstreamingtv.com/platform/

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SocialStreamingTV.com https://socialstreamingtv.com/
provides custom branded (on your own domain name) global multi-channel video streaming, live news feed, virtual event(s), webinars, customer relationship management (CRM), advanced calendar system with Acticons-action icons, corporate university learning management system (LMS), trouble ticketing help desk system, channel partner market (PRM) place system, TECHtionary content media management library to produce multi-channel business “Netflix style” live and ondemand content for virtual meetings-webinars, virtual events, sermons, sales leads groups, learning, training, educational, virtual recruiting platform, corporate university, webinars, masterclass, news channels and social media platform.

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