Cord-cutters looking to save money can now access free streaming without subscription

NEW YORK, NY, August 26, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tech startup OneStream TV has launched a free streaming aggregator to allow consumers who are quitting cable and cutting the cord to save money on streaming. The platform is available for free to everyone at and no subscription or registration is required.

Many people are cutting the cord and finally getting rid of their expensive cable contracts. But as those people turn towards streaming as a potentially cheaper alternative, they’re surprised to discover how expensive the streaming landscape is because of the sheer volume of subscription streaming services in the market. Which means some people actually end up spending more money on streaming than they used to do with cable.

But tech startup, OneStream TV, decided to solve this problem by building a streaming platform that automatically aggregates cheap and free content across hundreds of streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBOMax, Tubi, Vudu, Peacock, and many others. The platform then combines all of that free content in one unified streaming dashboard on OneStream TV, where any consumer can easily discover and watch thousands of premium content without subscribing to any streaming service or paying any monthly fees.

“As more and more consumers change their viewing habits from the traditional cable TV into streaming, the single biggest problem that they are facing is the mounting cost of streaming subscriptions,” said Habib Kamara, Founder of OneStream TV. “And while you can find some free content across certain apps, a lot of it is actually just really awful content to a point where you’re left with just going back to paid subscriptions because the free content options are so bad. But if you have a technology platform like OneStream TV that uses advanced algorithms to automatically hunt down and aggregates all the high-quality free content from across the entire streaming universe into one unified streaming dashboard, you can easily have access to a viable alternative of free streaming when you decide to get rid of cable,” added Habib.

With a clean and modern-looking dashboard, the OneStream TV app is incredibly easy to use. The platform is also very intuitive, making smart recommendations to users based on their viewing patterns. To date, consumers can access thousands of premium movies and shows on the platform. Some of them include shows like:

The Office
Rick and Morty,
Parks and Recreation
The Simpsons,
The Walking Dead,
Cobra Kai

OneStream TV is currently available on desktop via their website. The mobile and TV app versions of the platform are currently in development, and will be released in the coming weeks.

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