Kristin wants to use the new podcast to inspire women who seek to improve their business and professional lives by discussing both the daily and hard-hitting issues that impact them. She hopes the show will help women through learning and motivation.

DENVER, CO, September 09, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Mindset coach, podcaster and entrepreneur, Kristin Esparza, is excited to announce that the first episodes of her new podcast, “So She Did” are available on most major podcasting platforms, including Anchor, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. The first season of the show is booked with experts from a variety of fields, all of whom speak candidly with Kristin about ways in which women can grow and improve their lives.

Kristin Esparza, founder of So She Did said, “I looked for podcasts and resources that would match my wide variety of interests and need for inspiration, but there was nothing. So, I decided to create one!”

The show addresses such topics as health and wellness, domestic violence, personal financial management, business, leadership coaching and even alternative health approaches such as hypnosis. Guests will join Kristin from around the world for honest and authentic conversations about their area of expertise.

So She Did approaches women’s personal growth with the understanding that women are not single-faceted individuals. Rather, they are complex with multiple interests and layers.

“In order for women to be successful in business,” said Kristin, “they have to be healthy both mentally and physically. This show provides a platform for open and honest conversations about the many areas that impact women’s lives and success in both their business and personal lives. Creating the show has been an incredible journey of learning and meeting new people for me, and I want our listeners to have that same experience with each new episode.”

In today’s global economy and socially connected world, women have the opportunity to learn from, communicate with, support and build relationships with one another. So She Did provides a platform for this sharing of information and motivation with different ideas, approaches and views on success presented.

Kristin’s podcast will become a powerful resource for women at various stages of life who lack a sense of community and source of information and motivation that is specifically designed for them. It will provide them with examples from real people who have achieved success both personally and professionally who are willing to share their experiences and knowledge to help motivate and empower others. They will learn about the importance of focus, responsibility to maintain success, and the energy to go after their dreams and achieve their goals.

Apart from the podcast, Kristin will also be providing coaching services. Clients can choose any of her four coaching plans that involve inspiration meetups, single coaching sessions, accountability check-ins. Anyone who subscribes to her mailing list during the month of September 2021, will be entered to win a FREE box of hand-selected women’s empowerment books. She is also working on a book that will be released in the not too distant future.

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