Michael Everest Demarco has decades of experience in the acting industry.

NEW ORLEANS, LA, October 30, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — He got his start at a young age working on the set of broadway productions in New Orleans and eventually branched out to LA where he had the opportunity to work in television and film. Over the years Demarco experienced his fair share of ups and downs, always sticking by his number one rule of ruling out failure.

Getting started as an actor is tough. People need to be prepared for the feeling of rejection. A lot of young actors believe they aren’t talented enough once they start auditioning because of the amount of “nos” they will receive. Unfortunately, rejection is part of an actor’s journey. Rejection doesn’t mean they aren’t good at acting, it just means they haven’t found the right role yet.

Michael Demarco has been volunteering a lot of his time to help young actors in New Orleans prepare for a future in the industry. One of the first things he focuses on teaching them is the importance of ruling out failure. It’s easy to feel like a failure when a person has put a lot of work into their craft only to be rejected time and time again.

When Michael Everest Demarco thinks back to his early days of acting, he recalls that landing his first audition was one of the toughest parts of the job. Casting directors want an actor they are familiar with, whose face they’ve seen before. Actors who are just breaking out onto the scene need to put in extra effort to get discovered.

As disappointing as it can be to hear rejection, Michael Everest Demarco influence these young actors to learn from every rejection. This is one of the biggest steps in ruling out failure and negativity. Learn from what went wrong so it can go better the next time.

Getting a rejection can bring any actor’s spirits down. Michael Everest Demarco knows exactly how it feels to hear a rejection. This is why he makes a point in preparing young actors for when they get the news. He focuses on building these young actors’ confidence levels up and teaching them new acting techniques that could impress the next casting director.

With the right level of discipline and training, Michael Everest Demarco believes these young actors he is working with will be ruling Hollywood one day. He is putting in extra work with these young actors so they can manifest the acting career or their dream. Failure simply isn’t an option for the young actors that Michael Everest Demarco is working with.

Michael Everest Demarco aims to take a positive approach with the adolescents that he’s working with. He believes that building up their confidence will help them achieve a brighter future in the acting industry. Demarco is excited to see for far these young talents will go.

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