Feature by: Scott Edward McDowell | [email protected]
Photos: Chris Dillmann | [email protected]

One of the most exciting aspects of the Winter X Games in Aspen is the music performance lineup. This year included some of the biggest names in music, spanning an array of genres: Martin Garrix, Method Man and Redman, LCD Soundsystem and Marshmello. Being a hiphop head through and through I was particularly excited to see Method Man and Redman bring their high energy brand of live hip hop to this audience at 8000 ft above sea level.

Needless to say the duo did not disappoint. While it seemed to take some energy for them to get a 2018 smart phone crowd fully engaged, they were able to get this Aspen crowd of all ages rocking to timeless records from their extensive catalog and pick up plenty of new fans along the way. While it may not have exactly felt like Brooklyn circa 1996, these great ambassadors of the classic 90’s hip hop sound left everyone with a sense of what that special time and place represented for the hip hop culture not only through their music, but through their powerfully uplifting messages to the audience. One particular highlight was the recognition of the importance of the DJ as DJ Dyce provided a turntablism scratch solo for the ages in an era of digital DJing. It is very clear as to why these two have been collaborating for over twenty five years: the chemistry they have is incredible and they certainly still bring everything they have to keep the classic hip hop sound and vibe alive and well. Method man and Redman provide energy and stage presence that provides an experience to remember forever. I was able to connect with Meth & Red backstage for a brief interview. Their continued passion in the arts became more clear as we touched on how younger artists can pay homage to the elements of hiphop and the secret to making timeless music. Check out these exclusive clips below….

Method Man and Redman Interview @ X Games 2018 from Elements Of Culture on Vimeo.