National waste service broker Waste Sense is helping Australian businesses to make sense of their waste needs and provides solutions for every type of waste.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, December 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to the leading provider of waste management services Melbourne-wide, Waste Sense, understanding the various types or ‘streams’ of waste helps businesses to dispose of it responsibly. As an environmentally conscious waste broker, Waste Sense helps their customers by analysing their waste needs and working out the best place for the waste to end up.

With over four decades of experience in the industry, Waste Sense has more than 500 customers and all waste types serviced, enabling them to find the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible solutions for their customers’ waste needs.

Encouraging recycling and recovery where possible, Waste Sense says this isn’t always an option. They explain that ‘general waste’ is a global name used to describe hard to recycle, landfilled streams such as waxed cardboard, strapping ties, food containers and tissue paper. Additionally, food scraps, mixed office waste, commercial and industrial waste and non-recyclable packaging material falls into this category.

Waste Sense explains there are various streams of recyclable materials, including paper and cardboard, plastics and glass. The most common recycling stream for both households and businesses is comingled recycling. Dry and clean recyclables such as rigid plastics, paper, cardboard, glass, steel and aluminium can be collected in a single bin for recycling. Once collected, various technologies are used to pre-screen and manually separate the waste into viable streams to be baled and transported to local recyclers or exported to be reused.

Other waste streams include document destruction, bathroom and sanitary, medical and biohazard, polystyrene and foam, wood and timber, organic waste, metal, liquid waste and prescribed waste. Certain waste types, including prescribed waste and medical waste are hazardous and must be handled and disposed of in specific ways, says Waste Sense.

Waste Sense helps customers to understand the various waste streams and finds the most responsible and cost-effective solutions for disposal. For more information about waste management Melbourne services, contact Waste Sense.

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