During this winter season, Veritas Global is working to protect consumer vehicles.

MIAMI, FL, December 16, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Winter is around the corner and this is the time homeowners are gearing up to prep their homes. But did you know that winter is a crucial season for drivers too? Statistics reveal that winter-related car damages and accidents account for the largest cost to drivers annually. From blurry vision, slippery roads, and foggy weather, winter poses serious risks to drivers. Too often, many drivers are caught up unprepared after getting stuck with damages due to bad weather or collision. Therefore, motorists must review their insurance coverage as the winter months approach. Without preparations, you are likely to incur unexpected and unforeseen expenses in repairs, replacement parts, and other damages.

Here are some of the things that could increase your car maintenance spending during the winter:

Tire bursts

Often, cold air causes a drop in the tire pressure and less inflated tires tend to wear out faster. This means that during the winter, you are at risk of tire burst-related accidents, which can be extremely dangerous. Taking comprehensive coverage for your car to take care of your tires during this crucial season will help keep you confident while on the go.

Damaged breaks

During colder months, it can take your car 10 times more to break and stop. Breaks are extremely crucial components that you will need while driving in a foggy, misty environment that does not allow for better visibility.

Engine failures

Your engine is the heartbeat of your car and you do not want to get stuck in the middle of the road because of a faulty engine. Getting coverage for your core engine parts during this winter will enable you to get moving no matter what mother nature presents.

Dead battery

Winter is especially harmful to batteries. A battery may seem fine when driving until it fails abruptly. If you are having challenges starting your car during extreme cold, chances are your battery is dead. Veritas Global Protection has one of the best industry coverage plans to take care of your battery needs so you won’t get stuck on the road.


Icy, slippery roads, and bad driving conditions can be a source of several car-related accidents during extremely cold seasons. Driving through a blinding snowstorm is a fertile ground for collision because of difficulties in gaining a clear view of the roads and the problems of making immediate stops. But auto accidents aren’t just limited to head-on collisions: they could also involve hitting pedestrians or objects besides the roads. According to statistics obtained from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) Research, adult pedestrian crashes occur much more often during the winter months.

During the winter, roads are slippery, making it easy to run off the road to hit a nearby car or object. Depending on the type of coverage you have, different aspects of your policy cover will kick in to help you meet the unexpected costs. Because of the increased risks of accidents, damages to third parties, and increased cost of replacement parts, it is important to not only carry the basic auto liability insurance but also a comprehensive coverage to help you cover any damages.

Veritas Global Protection is There to Help

With one of the most reliable extended warranty plans in the industry, Veritas Global Protection is always determined to help drivers like you have peace of mind while driving or parking your car during extremely cold conditions. From windshield cracks due to brittle wipers, frozen gas lines, low-pressure tires, or dead batteries, winter can wreak havoc to cars and cause serious risks of accidents. It also leads to increased out-of-pocket expenses in maintenance and replacement of car parts. By giving the people at Veritas Global Protection a call, you will jumpstart the process of assessing your coverage needs, especially during this winter to help cover not only your car but also other people on the road.

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