New Book Offers a “Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life – for Good”

NEW YORK, NY, October 03, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Sean D. Young is an authoritative new voice in the field of behavioral science. Dr. Young knows a great deal about our habits – how we make them and how we can break them. He is the Founder and Director of the UC Institute for Prediction Technology and the UCLA Center for Digital Behavior. Dr. Young and his associates study cutting-edge and best practices for changing and predicting behavior, with particular expertise in health and medicine.

Stick with It (HarperCollins Publishers) is Dr. Young’s fascinating, best-selling look at the science of behavior, filled with crucial knowledge and practical advice to help everyone successfully alter their actions and improve their lives. Please click here to see Dr. Young’s YouTube video about his groundbreaking book

Dr. Young will hold a by-registration press availability to discuss his UCLA research in the School of Medicine and a signing for “Stick with It” in New York City at the offices of Tranquility49 PR, Thursday, Oct. 5, 2017, 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.Tranquility49 PR is located at 1745 Broadway, 17th Floor (Regus Offices), New York, NY 10019. To register to attend, or to book media interviews with Dr. Young before and after the event, please contact Patrick Berzinski at (212) 519-8628. Copies of Dr. Young’s book will be available at the event.

Tranquility49 PR is partnered with Lotus Communications & Public Relations of Princeton, N.J., to manage media and public relations during Dr. Young’s New York City book tour.

“Dr. Sean Young’s SCIENCE method for changing the processes that take control of our behavior is completely accessible to the layman,” said Patrick Berzinski, CEO, Tranquility49 PR. “It should have a tremendous appeal for professionals in the field of psychotherapy, who often struggle with recalcitrant behaviors that are harmful to their patients’ health and well-being.”

Whether it’s absent-minded mistakes at work, a weakness for junk food, a smart phone addiction, or a lack of exercise, everyone has some bad habit or behavior that they’d like to change. But wanting to change and actually doing it – and sticking with it – are two very different things.

As Dr. Young explains, you don’t change behavior by changing the person, you do it by changing the process.

“I help people and businesses by teaching them about human behavior,” said Dr. Young. “I help them to predict events and to make lasting changes in their life and work. I specialize in health and medicine – and I also love playing music and Muay Thai boxing.”

About UCIPT:
The University of California Institute for Prediction Technology (UCIPT) is a multidisciplinary, multicampus collaborative, accelerating innovations that leverage social technologies to predict human behaviors and outcomes. Some examples of potential research applications include:

– Tracking risk behaviors to predict disease, crime, poverty, or other negative outcomes and inform intervention efforts
– Discerning predictors of political opinion, social and moral values, academic success, or community involvement
– Understanding how and why people use certain technologies, buy certain products, or follow certain trends

The ultimate vision is to become a highly interdisciplinary, multisector hub of researchers, data scientists, and community partners that utilize, evaluate, and refine our tools and techniques for a broad array of applications.

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