The $2,500 award will help Moores pursue a business degree at the University of Pittsburgh.

ORLANDO, FL, March 24, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — When Stephen Moores’ sister Sophia was diagnosed with Kostmann’s Syndrome on the first day of his second college semester, he began to struggle. In an essay that won him Bogin, Munns & Munns’ Focus on the Family Scholarship, Moores discusses how he became angry at the world for his sister’s illness.

“Weeks bled into months, I became unfocused and more upset daily as I became angry at everything,” Moores writes. “The bacteria in her bloodstream, the people around me, and the world that didn’t stop because my sister was ill.”

While Stephen spent months in enforced quarantine, his sister battled her disease miles away. She felt isolated in her struggles, but Stephen decided to make it his mission to change that feeling. “I collected all the friends I could possibly find from my social media, classes, and extracurricular activities to add to Sophia’s team,” Moores writes.

He requested that his friends send in videos to Sophia cheering her on and supporting her, and it helped. Through the constant presence of her parents at her side and Stephen and his friends sending their support, Sophia recovered and is walking independently once more after 10 months of recovery.

Moores says that the experience taught him the importance of family bonds and community involvement. Without those two elements, it is much more difficult for injured people to recover. We all need supportive energy around us, and Moores has made it his mission to continue using his skills to help those in need.

“After I graduate I plan to move on to a career path that will result in me managing finances for a nonprofit firm,” he told representatives of Bogin, Munns & Munns. As a University of Pittsburgh Business major with a specialty in quantitative analysis, Moores says he wants to increase the efficiency of nonprofits like the ones that helped his sister through her illness.

The attorneys at Bogin, Munns & Munns are proud to offer Stephen Moores this $2,500 scholarship and share his relief and joy that his sister has recovered.

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Its Focus on the Family Scholarship was created in order to highlight the importance of families and communities in helping people through difficult times. It is awarded to one student each year.

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