Aspire Helps Reduce Complications in Lower Extremity Interventions.

PARK CITY, UT, August 16, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Amputation Prevention Symposium (AMP) was held in Chicago, Illinois this past week. The meeting offers physicians new treatment options and ways to take care of their patients with critical limb ischemia. The meeting includes presentations by the physician faculty and live case demonstrations. Tom Davis, MD, cardiologist from Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, demonstrated a new, unique method to prevent distal embolization during a lower extremity intervention using the Aspire Mechanical Thrombectomy System.

“Complex lower extremity vascular interventions can have complications. One of those complications can be unwanted clot or emboli stuck in a patient’s foot,” said Dr. Tom Davis. “I purposely occlude the arteries that supply blood to the foot, perform my intervention then use the Aspire device to remove this unwanted clot. Once the clot is removed I restore blood flow to the foot. This technique is a safe and cost-effective way to treat my patients.”

The Aspire Mechanical Thrombectomy System uses a patented mechanical pump to aspirate clot. When combined with over the wire (OTW) and/or rapid exchange (Rx) catheters this system allows users to instantly start, stop, increase, decrease, maintain, and/or pulse aspiration force with their hand. The Aspire device offers higher thrombectomy forces than syringe-based systems. The Aspire can remove over 250ml without sequential, time-consuming, messy, and complication prone syringe connections, disconnections, and re-connections. Sometimes subtle low thrombectomy force is needed, other times continuous, increased, and/or pulsed force is required. Basic syringes lack this versatility.

“The Aspire device is a simple yet powerful mechanical thrombectomy device,” said Chris Livingstone, VP of sales and marketing for Control Medical Technology. “The Aspire device gives the physician the force and volume capabilities of expensive electromechanical system but the set-up and cost of basic syringe based systems. In today’s healthcare environment when you have a clinically relevant device that is also cost effective it is a win/win for the patient, physician and hospital.”

Control Medical Technology’s ASPIRE Mechanical Thrombectomy System is now one of the largest FDA cleared platforms in the United States with four (4) over-the-wire catheters and new rapid-exchange catheters powered by a novel mechanical thrombectomy driver/pump protected by 10+ issued and pending patents. The ASPIRE platform has been successful in removing thrombus during acute myocardial infarction (AMI or heart attack), deep vein thrombosis (DVT), hemodialysis access, critical limb ischemia (CLI), and other conditions.

Control Medical Technology designs, develops, and markets innovative thrombus management, biopsy, and aspiration devices, including the patented ASPIRE Mechanical Aspirator, ASPIRE RX-LP6 Mechanical Thrombectomy System, and ASPIRE MAX Thrombectomy System. For more information, call 1-954-457-9345 or visit

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